Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Goodbye May!

Days that have passed since I signed up for Mt Tremblant
Weeks I have before I toe the line

 is sorting itself out quite nicely. The general goal: a steady build up of riding and running, but if I didn't feel like training some days, I didn't. There will be plenty of time for structure as June and July roll in and those months will be the
 The goal was to feel very comfortable with a 90-minute run and 3:30 in the saddle by the 30th of May.  Done and done.
I've been riding with a great group out of West Concord MA
most weekends and it keeps me on my toes. So much, the desire to ride alone is far from enticing. I work just as hard if not harder when riding with them. The dynamics are always changing for any given ride, but I'm honing my skills at pace lining, that is certain. So much, that I feel very comfortable either pulling in the front, nestled in the middle or being the last rider responsible for calling out approaching cars. I'm super aware of everything around me and I want us all to be safe.  I have favorite people I trust and ride inches from their wheel and  I hope other cyclists in the group feel the same behind me.  Yesterday on a Pack Monadock Century, I got my answer. " Hadar" a regular in our group, told me at the end  of  our trek, I'm smooth and steady and he feels totally comfortable right on my wheel. How nice is that?  Hugs buddy! Granted this isn't going to help me for an ironman, but It forces me to get out of my comfort zone.

As June approaches, things will start to ramp up. My ultimate goal is to get to that starting line fresh and ready to go albeit undertrained if that's how the chips fall. We can all agree it's going to be painful whether you've been training for 9 months or doing the Cliff Notes version. The best part is it takes all the pressure off. No injuries and daisy fresh-That is the present goal.

Another fun item in store for me next month is a  metabolic efficiency test at Inside Out Human Performance with owner Caroline Kavanagh.  How do I know Caroline?  Well for one, she's in my age group and consistently crushes me at any given local triathlon we both happen to be at.  She is quite the athlete and I'm super excited to work with her in getting my body to burn fat efficiently  instead of those limited stores of carbohydrates we tend to use up way too prematurely during training and racing. Admittedly, I feel a bit doughy as well and I'm looking forward to getting my diet to work better for me especially for the upcoming months.

My partner in crime for this little adventure (a 25 time Ironman finisher 12 rounds in Kona) wasn't 100% in but confirmed today he's IN-IN.
"Just following up w you on this…Looks like my body may cooperate enough to race w Elaine at IMMT"

No sense suffering on my own for the abridged training program (alcohol included and strongly encouraged)
Let's get this party started.

Thanks for stopping by!

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Gerry said...

It sounds like your game plan is in place - you go girl!