Saturday, December 10, 2011


Photo credit: Abel Thomkinson

Ahhhhh December. Time for You know... Santa Claus christmas ale ho-ho-ho spiked egg nog, mistletoe champagne cocktails  and PRESENTS wine for
 Trigirlpink!!! It's also time to exit stage right and hang up my bike for a bit.

My  season of cyclocross  ended in Warwick RI last weekend racing both days at The NBX Gran Prix of CX. No flats, no broken spokes, no bent hangers, no rolled tubulars or socks left on the side of the course. 
I've yet to have a cyclocross season that bridged into December but my satiety for racing seemed never ending this fall so I kept up my training and signed up for whatever upcoming race sparked my interest.
 No plan meant no pressure, and equaled a fun season for me coupled with learning a few new skills and how to
handle mechanical issues while racing.
 It's clearly understood that if I really want to do a full
season next year and there be a glimmer of hope of not being in the last row for call up (think caboose), I probably need to spend the year
focused on that effort. Jumping from a triathlon season right into a cyclocross season has not proved ideal for me. Cycling alone, is somewhat of my limiter so perhaps focusing on one sport might be a step in the right direction.  It's enticing to foresee the possibilities of what I could do to
make improvements being so crappy at something and working toward the reward of seeing the gains. We shall see.  I'm not so sure I have *triathlon* out of my system quite yet!

When I 'm not racing, ya all know I'm snapping pictures. Here are a few of my favorites captured
at NBX Gran Prix of Cyclocross, ocean side in Warwick Rode Island.
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