Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Don't Be Stupid

I was a bit hesitant to do this but......
I'm starting this blog entry with a bit of a wake up call to all of you slacker chickas who are too busy planning your racing and training schedule and ignoring getting yearly checkups and recommended testing based on your age.

Here I am in the recovery room yesterday after a surgical breast biopsy. All went well for this part of the game, now we wait for some results. After getting my discharge guidelines, I've already rebelled and snuck on the elliptical this morning after being told no training for 14 days. Are they NUTS?? I will be smart about what training I will actually do but I'm certainly not letting all my fitness go to hell and a hand basket especially after nailing the b2b/ 146 mile ride last Saturday. Can you say SERIOUS ENDURANCE TRAINING? Phew... glad that one is in the bank. Besides, how does cycling for one effect a mammary gland?

On a much happier non surgical note, Dawn at Splish brightened my slice and dice day yesterday with an email sportin' my new race suit design and here it is!

This weekend's agenda is a busy one. Karen Smyers has a kids triathlon in Lincoln MA and I always help out with registration. Gotta get my race wheels out to Fitwerx for fresh new tubulars. I need to go meet Sara at Kickass Cupcakes (stay tuned for a blog report on this!) and those flower painted toe nails...
they need some serious attention. For some reason I can't seem to get a cupcake design out of my head.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


so my blogging SUCKS lately, I KNOW!!! I must be losing my audience by the droves at this point. Ha! I'm losing MY EDGE! Empty head with nothing to write. EGGGADS!!!! After reading all the racing and preparing to race goin' on out there, I got nothing at the moment to add to this subject while I try to dig myself out of the non-runner trenches. This alone does not motivate me to blog on this so called triathlon blog.

For your enjoyment though, I'll just ramble a bit about stupid stuff.

Lets see.....I got my very first pedicure and here's a picture to prove it.

What the hell does this have to do with triathlon? Absolutely nothing EXCEPT the fact that I pride myself in keeping my feet in decent shape, nails included. This task as you might know being an athlete yourself, can be a challenge.

I don't know what possessed me to do this but it was definitely on the fly and the next thing I knew I was sitting in this funky massage chair with this MALE manicurist sporting huge biceps reeking of manhood buffing my toenails. Go figure.
I asked for some flowers and he said "sure" without blinking an eye.
Ahhhh.. what a TREAT!

This weekend is screaming I Will Ride My Bike Until I Can No More. Have you heard of the b2b ride? An epic adventure for sure and if it rains like the forecast is predicting, it will just add to the fun! Here's the cue sheet if you want to take a peek.
I'll save you the effort in saying it's a 147 miles from the waterfront of Boston to Vermont. I'm questioning my good judgement (or lack of) in thinking it's ok to have only put in a few 3.5 hour rides yet think I can actually nail this. It's really beyond any logical thinking. So for that, I refuse to think about it. Instead, I'm focusing on the fully stocked aid stations that will be there in which I will graze all options, stuffing my cheeks like a chipmunk and my pockets for that matter in order to do whatever is needed to fuel my legs to that damn beer tent waiting in Vermont. Good tactics, eh?

I just hope my flower painted toe nails hold up.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Let This Be A Warning To You

If by chance you are capable of crossing an Ironman finish line breaking the tape and subsequently crowned #1, happen to live close by me and I somehow find a way to weasel into your abode before your return, here's what you might expect with your pile high mail and needy dog.

assembling my arsenal

Let's start with the condo front door so everyone in the building knows the skinny scoop and shows some respect, right?

Next, the entrance to your unit must not be forgotten.

If you have a canine or feline, they usually are very helpful in suggesting how to decorate and such as girly dog Riley did here.

Of Course I mean this in a loving, tender, team mate way. Nice wine glasses.

Not a room is missed by my thoughtful touch exhibited here.

A simple prop to remind you that yes, you've secured your Kona spot for the billionth time.