Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Belgian Beer, Mud, Mo Bruno Roy and October Refection

Trigirlpink's OCTOBER  STATS:

       *  31 days did not pass without consumption of a Tootsie Roll or Snickers mini. I was on a streak and damn it, I wasn't gonna break it.  Props to the candy companies and their sneaky marketing ploys and mind control techniques that forced me into this downward spiral of sugar hell.(as I unwrap another Tootsie roll
 neded to clear my mind to update this blog  )

 *  My body, cyclocross bike and mind have remained intact. 
 *  I have 7 CX races in my pocket thus far with only minor bruising and much less spontaneous outbursts using the *F* word when a jr. cuts me off.

 * My results at crossresults.com are holding an awesome solid steady bottom 50% score. There is something to be said about consistency, right???

 * I booked a December flight to Belgium. 

WHAT???  REALLY??  Sound impulsive?

Well it is. Sort of.

 The primary purpose: Cyclocross. I am going as a rabid spectator/ US NECX one man cheering Squadron ( and hopefully photo taker) to the bpost GP Rouwmoer in Essen on Saturday the 21st and then I will make the trek to Namur the next day for a UCI World Cup race with my Belgian friend/race photographer, Kris Claeye. This will be me taking it all in with my Belgian guide.

So far I'm certain of one American Pro who will be there racing, Maureen Bruno Roy.  Mo certainly influenced my decision for this once in a lifetime opportunity. I have known Mo since 2008. She is my massage therapist and I have always been intrigued with her stellar skills as a top US professional cyclocross racer. Mo has the exterior best described as petite, feminine, soft spoken yet with a polar opposite interior when it comes to the sport of cyclocross. Toss the most technical, muddy course ( her forte) at her and she is a force in her own right. 

Needless to say,  I'm very excited to watch her race within a european circuit on Belgium turf  where cyclocross was born and support her with the very best  NECX love I can muster up.

Expect awesomely rad photos of me drinking Belgian beer and sampling cones of crispy frites while simultaneously yelling  "GO HAAADA!!"  to Mo as she finesses her way down a cliff of greasy mud on two pink FMB SSC pro pink tires.

Thanks for stopping by!