Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Some Fun Fotos.

I've substituted a PT therapy table for cyclocross participation at the moment so instead of sitting around eating Cheetos, I've been hauling myself to the races to capture some of the fun on my new camera while learning how the damn thing works.

Soon I will be watermarking my stuff (when I have time to read the Lightroom tutorial. (HA!) People are already SNATCHING up my photos and posting them on public websites without even asking. SHAME. SHAME. Who the heck do I think I am anyway? A professional photographer? By no means. I can barely turn on my camera BUT... I've spent HOURS and HOURS downloading, editing (while trying to
digest and understand Lightroom3, organize them, and finally upload my photos. (phew)

A simple, "Hey, can I upload/use/post your photo on my blog,team website, sponsor page? "Please? Thank You, and I will give you credit for your photo" is a simple,
logical and courteous gesture, I say.

Anyway, enough fluff... here's some of my favorites taken over the last 3 weeks. Go 'head,
steal 'um .  "-)

Thursday, November 4, 2010


I'm thinking  it's time for  a new blog title.   edebitetto duztri just isn't fitting the bill anymore.

 I know!! Let's have a Blog Title Naming contest and who ever comes up with the BEST title for my new blog, I will PERSONALLY send you  7!  THATS right! Count them!  Seven authentic radiology reports with MATCHING MRI cds dated 2008-2010 !! If you act now, I will include my very intimate arthogram CD's for your very own personal viewing pleasure. But  wait, that's not all!!! You get bilateral arthogram views because 2 labral hip tears are WAY better then one!!  And remember, only YOU will get VIP viewing of my glowing hip socket (s) and cartilage.

Here's my latest diagnosis after months of hobbling on and off again:  Ok, first let me say the good news is (after 3 opinions from top notch Boston orthopedic surgeons and one highly skilled PT person)  I don't have to have hip surgery. Phew...

Symptoms:  Sudden onset sharp intense pain in or around hip area (but not in the front) that makes me stop DEAD in my tracks but minutes later I can walk just fine with no pain
Aggressors:  Standing on the pedals or even seated while pushing hard on a steep grade during a cyclocross
race.  (ZING!) Bending over to pick something up (ZING!)
 Diagnosis: a little nerve entrapment here, a couple of jaw clenching spams there, and Wala! Piriformis syndrome/external rotators inflammation. I'm so glad all the strength and conditioning work I did REALLY paid off.  (not)

I just had to have one more set back for 2010 just to make me appreciate how good (and I'm talking REALLY good) 2011 is gonna be for me.

I swear.... If I get to December 31, 2011 injury free... I will run naked through the streets but not without pre-tanning and a pedicure in pink of course.