Thursday, May 28, 2009

Here's my indoor workout today since it's been pissy out for the last 3 days and a balmy 49 degrees. Someone turn up the heat! I won't bore you with the details of the actual workout but I had a big FAT BROWNIE beforehand so of course I made sure I suffered for it during the middle section of my Computrainer ride. The pretty little red humps are my HR cresting at around 178. A few things are a given when my HR gets that high sitting on a stationary trainer:
*I stare at the clock without blinking wondering why it's taking so f-ing long to finish the current interval I am on.
*I wonder what chemical imbalance I have that I find this enjoyable.
*I think about having another brownie post ride, for my effort.

In other weekly news, I am back to running again. Phew... 12 long weeks are just a memory now and I'm beginning to prepare for a late season kickoff which will include Timberman, Pumpkinman in South Berwick Maine and Longhorn 70.3 to cap the season. No cyclocross this fall which will be a bummer to miss. Instead, I will bring my cow bell to IM Canada. I will not be participating but rather chillaxin', spectating, and most importantly, tending to the ever important sherpa duties.

This weekend is IM Brazil. Can you hear my Cow Bell Dede? Just put your head down and get to the finish as fast as you can. A big FAT Ghirardelli brownie may await.


Saturday, May 16, 2009

Weekend Fun

Yes sirree
After last weekend's spanking and being The Dropped One @ Team Psycho's *Let's Drive Each Other Into The Ground Weekend*, you can see my hesitancy to try and find some willing and able bodied to ride with this weekend after having my ego smashed like a panini sandwich but I found one nonetheless. You have to agree, having someone to ride with makes it way more fun than trying to keep yourself entertained on a mind numbing 3+ hour ride doing dumb things like seeing how long it takes for a Cliff Blok to dissolve in your mouth without chewing it and watching packs of riders wave from across the street to your lonely self, Right? So mid week, I sent my friend an email and generously offered myself as a sacrificial lamb to steam roll/panini mash me. Lucky for me or maybe not, she took me up on the offer.

Here I am today with my friend Karen Monks. We are smiling and I know you are just dying to know why so I will tell you in the order of importance: A. We are done with our 3.5 hour ride. B. The sun is shining. C. I didn't blow up like a soda can left in the freezer. :-)

Now Karen is a very strong rider. Just 3 weeks ago I could barely stay on her wheel and lets not even go into what usually happens to me on a hill trying to stay on her skinny little hiney.

Not today.

We worked together sharing the lead and nailed a nice solid effort with no post ride whining from TGP. Maybe it felt pretty tepid because I got so steamrolled last weekend that ANYTHING was gonna feel better after that.

I will leave you with the highlight of my day:

Here I am listening intently and given explicit instructions by Will (Monks) on givin' it some gas while using his sister's 4 wheeler she so generously offered up for me to ride. Notice the color, won't you.

Here are are, rippin' it up.

Forget those over priced Smart Cars, I'm gettin' one of these.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


That I am.
I guess I don't have a ton to blog about but I will give you some headlines:

11 weeks out from my cuboid bone stress fracture and I am up to 30 minutes re-learning to run again. It's not pretty but I'll take what I can get.

This past weekend was our Team Psycho training weekend out in Western MA. You know,those camp thingys where you swim, bike and run yourself into the ground such that walking up a flight of stairs you feel the need for an oxygen tank or better yet, a Scoot-a-round. Yah, that kind of weekend.

I will be attending the Rev3 race in June, but not racing. Come see me at the Trakkers Booth on Saturday @10am where I will be helping out with this super neato

My season is all discombobulated but no worries, I've signed up for Long Horn 70.3 for a little trip to Austin Tx and hoping I can pull myself together by August for some late(r) racing.