Wednesday, August 27, 2008


One more race on the 2008 calendar for me and I'm calling it a season. It's been an interesting one sprinkled with a bit of disappointment and frustration,but I always try and pull myself back from those moments and remind myself how very fortunate I am to be able to participate in the sport of triathlon and have fun doing what I enjoy. The outcome might not always be what you strive for but it makes you more seasoned and hopefully better prepared for the next challenge. I'm looking forward to stepping back and reassessing my season's performances to try and improve on my mistakes and figure out what worked and didn't.
I've decided to dedicate this last race to Margaret and Dawn at Splish is whipping me up this suit for next Sunday September 7th for Pumpkin Man 1/2 ironman in South Berwick, Maine. I want to thank Mel for helping me and inspiring me with her own designs for this suit.

Last weekend was Cranberry Country Triathlon in Lakeville MA. It's an international distance race and this year, chosen as the 2008 USAT Northeast Region's Club Championship. We as Team Psycho got first in our division and here's a picture of me being very modest upon receiving our certificate.

Team Psycho also supplied the cold hard cash for the top 3 male and female over all.
We do this at select races to promote our Elite Team Development Program. I got the job of handing out the checks on Sunday.Here I am laying out the love to the top male finisher that just happens to be on our team. Hugs Hugs Kiss Kiss. Not a bad job, eh?

Here I am containing myself in a more *professional* manner and not slobbering all over the 2nd place overall finisher who I didn't know

Hard to believe Labor Day weekend is here. You know what that means...
summer.. boo hooo is coming to an end.
To all my blog readers: If you are racing this weekend,

....oh and good luck of course.


Monday, August 25, 2008


Life is and that's a fact. I hate to be the downer over here in blog land. My shoulders weigh heavy today. I have a friend who is 28 years old. She is like you, like me. Just strolling through life. Happy, healthy. A triathlete. Last September/October she was having some balancing issues. Just an inner ear problem? Some viral infection? NO big deal, this will pass.The symptoms only got worse. An MRI revealed a rare but aggressive type of brain tumor called an brain stem anaplastic astrocytoma . All of the sudden your world comes crashing down. How can this be? How can someone with no history of any disease or disorder, an athlete,28 years old and have this?

Margaret is a fighter. Big time. She is surrounded by the best team of specialists
in the country. She's had the best possible treatment here in Boston and at Duke.I have been trying to support her over these past months, visiting, waiting and watching her fight this so she would get on the Cervelo she bought in the fall but has never gotten to ride.

I'll make it short.
The tumor is growing. The chemo is not working. She is in Durham at DUMC where she goes down to meet with her neuro team of specialists. She was having problems swallowing and now breathing and is in the ICU today.
Please send your prayers and thoughts her way.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Harvest Time!

This is the BEST time of the year yet sadly summer is slipping by.Living in New
England,you are exposed to 4 distinctive seasons that truly make you appreciate each and every one. Ok,maybe I'm going a bit over the edge with putting winter in there but I will say, the harshness of winter makes you appreciate the spring, summer and fall ever so more.
When summer starts to end, there are particular tell tale signs. Skies are darker in the morning as well as earlier in the evenings.Late summer bugs are chirping in the yard, the sky is cloudless with the most brightest sun ever and dry clean air. The nights are cool with perfect air for sleeping.The best part is all the local harvests are spilling over. Early apples, peaches, corn, tomatoes, sunflowers, and fresh basil to name a few.

Today I stopped at one of my favorite apple orchards, Bolton Springs. They have a huge barn to meander through with the smell of apple pies and cinnamon candles. Lucky for me the apple cider donuts are only made on the weekends until September. (drool)
I got corn and tomatoes, fresh baked bread and ok, I cheated. An apple crisp already made there.

Tomorrow I will stop by Small Farm,another local farmers market and go pick my own
sunflowers and replenish the tomatoes I will have consumed in one sitting tonight just sliced with sea salt and fresh ground pepper.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

optical illusions

I appear to be enjoying myself here at Timberman during the run. My face is not distorted in pain. You can not tell that I am mumbling and swearing under my breath like a homeless woman. I see no foaming at the mouth and my knee looks high enough that I actually look like I am running, no? (insert hysterical laughter)
Added Bonus!!!! The blurriness makes it seem as though poor Brian Q. was struggling to capture my way-too-fast-ass-for-his-camera before I went by.

Rob, if you are reading this, Brian's foto wins because the suffering shows too much in your photos. Fix that, will ya?

Sunday, August 17, 2008


2007 5:09

2008 5:21 and an 11th age group placing. It all comes down to the run ladies and gentlemen. If you ain't got
it stashed in your pocket, better to sign up for the aquabike!

Saturday, August 16, 2008


Hummmmmmm what to wear. I like to get that all figured out way before race morning. I'm super picky about how I want things to fit and match. Can you tell? I must have had 5 things laid out to decide on and my 2 piece won out. Rare these days. Most women seem to wear a tri top and tri shorts combo it seems. I hope Desiree wears her 2 piece. At least they'll be two of us!
Next up, race packet pickup and a bike drop off.
Time to get fired up, pink style. Varroooooom.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Timberman Countdown

Taper week for my favorite race. If you haven't experienced an Endorfuns race run by Keith Jordan, you won't be disappointed. Lots of attention to detail and a great weekend with a stacked field.

I'm wiped and looking forward to just recharging the battery this week. My training has been going well and I'm anxious to test the waters not having much racing under my belt thus far.

A few points I will remind myself as the race approaches to try keep myself mentally sharp and confident:

* Consistency in my training
* Staying healthy
* Complete trust in the training that has be given to me and sticking with the plan every week
* Avoidance of the pitfalls of mundane, non challenging workouts and put forth 100% efforts even on days when my training wasn't the best.

I always think it's funny when people ask me what I'm expecting come race day.
Top 5? Age group win? Fast bike time?
None of the above. I've trained myself to not pay any attention to who is in my age group whether it be searching the participants list or scoping around in transition. I like to compare myself with a horse. A race one at that. I have my imaginary blinders on. I just look straight ahead and try to get myself to the finish line as fast as I can. I'm not worried about my placing during the run or worry about who has passed me or I'm passing on the bike. I don't get caught up on my swim time on exiting by scanning my watch or my bike time entering T2. I don't look at mile marker splits on the run.

I just race. If I'm not feeling discomfort, then I'm slacking and the last thing I want to think on crossing the finish line is:

I could have or should have, especially if I have control over it.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Skully Jackpot!

Here's a link to them to order.
Pink or Black

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Summer Must Haves TGP Style

Orange is my favorite but I'll take Cola or Black Raspberry (all have caffeine) A must have for training and racing.

It looks like a doggy toy but it's my spiny foot roller ball. ahhhhhhhhh.... I never get out of bed without rolling my arches on this.

I slather this in my wet hair after a shower to keep my color bleached hair
looking supple and tame. most favorite and bullet proof recovery drink. Endurox? ick, no way..

Summer in a bottle right here. Think classic Coppertone lotion scent.

I've never been a Brooks running shoe wearer but I love this Brooks Burn shoe! They are light weight cushioned and perfect for training and 1/2 iron distance racing for me.Oh.. and they are pink which is a plus.

How can I forget my TwinSix pink skully water bottles? They only go on training rides and never to races for fear of losing one on a bottle exchange.