Thursday, November 26, 2009

Goodbye November!

Happy Thanksgiving! One more month and it's almost surreal 2009 will be in the books. My personal year in review can seem at times, a blurry undefined mix of life lessons packed into 12 short months. I'm ready to bank them and walk away from 2009 feeling sharper, stronger, if not a bit wiser. If you can take what life tosses in your lap
and reflect on how you managed each crisis and feel content in the choices you've made in the end, what more can one ask for?

I am currently typing away on my PinkBerry posting this latest entry. My laptop has been on the brink of death and out of commission for over a week now due to my carelessness in downloading a bad virus from an innocent looking email from someone I know but didn't actually send the email through Face Book. I wound up the winner in the end. It's now sporting some fresh new blazing fast RAM it badly needed and Windows 7 instead of XP and some other fun new toys including the latest in virus protection I'm just waiting to get my mits on. Thank you Nate! I scored a awesome IT wizard, who I've offered up a kidney for his services yet all he really wants is beer along with a modest fee. The thing is, I am stressed about this because I have much respect for The Wizard and the hitch is, its up to me to *figure out* on my own what kind of beer to offer. I have been given no hints yet my choice will determine if I am deemed worthy of The Wizard's services again.

In other news, I have my Adopt A US Soldier! Katie is her name and she is overseas in the thick of it. 2 cards and a care package are on the way so far.

After being a lard ass for a few weeks, I am back to some structure. My run will be a huge focus for me this year. I am currently running 6 days a week. 3-20 min runs. 2-40 minute runs and one long run of about 1:20 to start with. The hardest part? Mentally thinking I have to lace up my shoes everyday but one a week.

Consistency yields results they say.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

November Ramblings

I'm sitting here drinking tea and eating pink M&M's trying to come up with the latest news flash in the world of Trigirlpink Land that will hold your attention.
Lets see...

First of all did you hear about this?? The Rev3 Triathlon race series is offering up some serious coin for the pros for 2010. Besides the $300,000 spread out among the three events they are holding in Knoxville, TN, Middlebury, CT and Sandusky, OH, they will pony up an additional $125,000 for the Pro male or female who can win (all three) the Olympic distance Rev in Knoxville on May 9th, the Half Distance Rev in Middlebury on June 6th and the September 12th Full Distance Rev in Sandusky. Cha ching!!!
Take that WTC!

Are you thinking of doing any of the Rev3 events? You should! It's time to give the Ironman brand a run for their money. Rev3 has already proven they can run a professional, organized, safe and fun event. I most definitely will be participating
at the Middlebury CT race. It's a very pretty course and extremely well organized.
So...SIGN UP!!!

I took this of Mz.Wee charging on the run at Middlebury.

and here's a bit of Matty Reed eye candy

Jumbotron live action in the expo area in Middlebury

I'm excited to again be working with Trakkers this coming season with the hopes my body will stay glued together and I can train properly and actually race this coming year. Won't that be a change of pace over on this blog??? Fingers and toes crossed!

One last tidbit: Did you know there are soldiers over in Afghanistan and other parts of the world that NEVER get any mail, EVER. How sad is that?
I got this information from my fellow blog mate, Carole Sharpless' recent blog.
Go check her blog for all the details but I've signed up and I'm awaiting
my "soldier in need" and looking forward to sending some much needed thanks
and treats to someone who is fighting for our freedom and safety we so much take for granted here in the US of A. Here's the website if you too want to join.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

A Good Swim Set??? I Think So!

When I leave the MIT pool in the morning after masters with my arms feeling like fettuccine noodles al dente, I know I've gotten in some quality swimming.
I'll share my noodle morning main set with you.

Main set

8 x 100 on 1:35 Big deal right? The idea is to pick an interval that is HARD but gives you PLENTY of rest before the next 100 but you must stay consistent and not FADE on the succeeding intervals. Got it? I knew you would!

I (we) picked 1:18

4 x 25 ez after the 8-100's

7 x 100 on 1:30

again, I stayed on 1:18 but these were TOUGH. Cumulative fatigue setting in on that
2nd 50 for me.

4 x 25 ez recovery

5 x 100 on 1:25
This time the goal was to stay on 1:20 pace which at this point in the workout my arms were really fatigued and 1:20 felt like the 1:18's!! I found that if I stayed RELAXED (especially the second 50) and not let my form go to hell in a over-cooked SpaghettiO's sort of way, it really helped.

4x dog paddle (pant pant)