Sunday, November 15, 2009

November Ramblings

I'm sitting here drinking tea and eating pink M&M's trying to come up with the latest news flash in the world of Trigirlpink Land that will hold your attention.
Lets see...

First of all did you hear about this?? The Rev3 Triathlon race series is offering up some serious coin for the pros for 2010. Besides the $300,000 spread out among the three events they are holding in Knoxville, TN, Middlebury, CT and Sandusky, OH, they will pony up an additional $125,000 for the Pro male or female who can win (all three) the Olympic distance Rev in Knoxville on May 9th, the Half Distance Rev in Middlebury on June 6th and the September 12th Full Distance Rev in Sandusky. Cha ching!!!
Take that WTC!

Are you thinking of doing any of the Rev3 events? You should! It's time to give the Ironman brand a run for their money. Rev3 has already proven they can run a professional, organized, safe and fun event. I most definitely will be participating
at the Middlebury CT race. It's a very pretty course and extremely well organized.
So...SIGN UP!!!

I took this of Mz.Wee charging on the run at Middlebury.

and here's a bit of Matty Reed eye candy

Jumbotron live action in the expo area in Middlebury

I'm excited to again be working with Trakkers this coming season with the hopes my body will stay glued together and I can train properly and actually race this coming year. Won't that be a change of pace over on this blog??? Fingers and toes crossed!

One last tidbit: Did you know there are soldiers over in Afghanistan and other parts of the world that NEVER get any mail, EVER. How sad is that?
I got this information from my fellow blog mate, Carole Sharpless' recent blog.
Go check her blog for all the details but I've signed up and I'm awaiting
my "soldier in need" and looking forward to sending some much needed thanks
and treats to someone who is fighting for our freedom and safety we so much take for granted here in the US of A. Here's the website if you too want to join.


Sue said...

thanks for sharing..i was feeling a bit guilty eating a handful of dove chocolates after a day of sking...than I read your blog. I feel much better!!

Jennifer Harrison said...

I am eating M&Ms too! how different for me. LOL....but, I am SURE I ate more than you!!! :) IF I race next year (HAHA), I want to do Rev3 in TN!

Carole Sharpless said...


you are awesome.... in so many ways.... :)


D said...

Even though I'm Canadian, I'm ALL OVER the adopt a soldier action. What a great idea! Thanks for posting that... again :)

kerrie said...

yes!!! i'm pretty sure that i'm going to be there for that half in middlebury - isn't that exciting? lol...
as for the matty reed eye candy pic....i'll have to pass it on to him, he'll be thrilled ;)

Ange said...

see you at Rev3!! I am heading over to adopt a soldier asap! thanks for that!

Heidi Austin, PT, DPT said...

hmmm what a good idea! that is soooo sad :( my hubby is the military and i can't even imagine no mail! i like the rev3 too maybe 2011. The IM organization is so a cult!