Thursday, November 5, 2009

A Good Swim Set??? I Think So!

When I leave the MIT pool in the morning after masters with my arms feeling like fettuccine noodles al dente, I know I've gotten in some quality swimming.
I'll share my noodle morning main set with you.

Main set

8 x 100 on 1:35 Big deal right? The idea is to pick an interval that is HARD but gives you PLENTY of rest before the next 100 but you must stay consistent and not FADE on the succeeding intervals. Got it? I knew you would!

I (we) picked 1:18

4 x 25 ez after the 8-100's

7 x 100 on 1:30

again, I stayed on 1:18 but these were TOUGH. Cumulative fatigue setting in on that
2nd 50 for me.

4 x 25 ez recovery

5 x 100 on 1:25
This time the goal was to stay on 1:20 pace which at this point in the workout my arms were really fatigued and 1:20 felt like the 1:18's!! I found that if I stayed RELAXED (especially the second 50) and not let my form go to hell in a over-cooked SpaghettiO's sort of way, it really helped.

4x dog paddle (pant pant)


Lucho said...

Nice! That IS a solid swim set.

Marit C-L said...

Wa hoo!!!! GREAT set!!! :) That sounds like one killer-arm-workout! :) I like that dog paddle bit... One of my favorite "fun" sets in the pool this year was sculling :) Well - that and the underwater freestyle - which is basically an exagerrated doggie paddle. FUN! Going fast isn't the point... trying to not drown with laughter, that is. :)

Way to go!!!!

GetBackJoJo said...

I would be mighty proud if I could pull out even one 1:18 right now. :) Nice set!

Jennifer Harrison said...

THAT is what i am talking about! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

You get to have some pink M&Ms for that one! Save me some!

Rebecca DeWire said...

I think I remember that you were diagnosed with a hip labral tear, is that correct? That diagnosis was the most recent finding on my MRI so I was curious what your experience was. My next step is to determine that my pain is definitely being caused by the tear and I am going to ask for a cortisone injection.