Monday, April 20, 2009


This weekend was spent up in southern Maine on the coast. I managed to get in some saddle time on my new steathly painted Cervelo and also got to spend some much needed quality time with my sister and her family.
Here I am with her Golden Retriever, Parker. I like this picture for one reason: I discovered after this picture was taken today,Parker and I have the same color hair. So from now on, I will be describing my bottle blond hair as, Golden Retriever light ash blond.

While we're at it, here is my sister with Parker. Sadly, she does not have Golden Retriever light ash blond hair going on up there which would be more appropriate since she is the owner of this very fine canine specimen

This photo speaks volumes I imagine, so will leave it at that.

And just to prove to you that even in Maine, the snow is nothing but a memory and the trees and flowers are showing promise of longer days and warm sun.
Have a great week!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Perfect Day Right Here, Right Now!

Tell me, what is better than having your weekend start on a Thursday? Perhaps your day starts with early morning masters and you discover behind door's
Ultra Distance Day!!! WoooooHoooo! On hearing this you let out a high pitched "yeeha" in the lane, while your lane mates begin to groan. Fear not my fellow lane mates, TGP will lead you to the promise land! THEN.... (this is when it really gets guuuuud)

As the sun is shining ever so brightly and everyone else is at work, you go to pick up your brand new sparkling steed that has been waiting for you for weeks at FitWerx in Peabody MA.

This is Dean Phillips, co-owner and a bad ass triathlete himself, making some final measurements before the last of the build.

This is Mark, one of FitWerx top notch mechanics putting on the final touches: pedals, PowerTap, bar tape and cages for me after doing the inital build. Thanks Mark!!

Here I am looking all too happy on my new bike! Thanks Dean!

And yes damn it, I'm still wearing FLEECE top and bottom!!! It's still CHILLY here!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Just when you though Marshmellow peeps were cheap Easter basket fillers.....

Please send all of your unwanted holiday candy to Twig&Fern Designs for creative flower/candy creations.
The only question I had for my sister the proprietor, was how many pounds of jelly beans and peeps went into your mouth before they made it into the vase while creating these. HA!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


It's that little sound my PinkBerry makes when I have a new text message AND it's the sound that goes off in my cranium when I have a break through workout.

Today at Masters, it was nothing out of the ordinary, or so it seemed. I did my usual shuffle out on deck, eyes half closed, sheet marks still on my face, moaning about how tired I was and not feeling very motivated to get into the chilly waters of the MIT Z Center pool. After a bit of mumbling under my breath I dove in and snuck in a 300 before Coach Bill strolled in with the workout. Here it is if you want a nice 4000 set. (no fun alone I'd guess)

300 ez

2x50 on 60 (drill)

1x200 on 3:15 (working on extension)

2x50 on 60 (drill)

1x200 on 3:15 (working on hip and shoulder roll)

10x 100

10x100 on 1:45
4x100 on 1:20
2x100 on 1:35
2x100 on 1:15 ( oh mama.. I need some feet to draft!)

Re group at the wall...

4x 500 on 8:00

500 pull

500 front quadrant (6:50)

500 pull

500 fastest of the day (6:55) oops.

100 ez

I struggled a bit holding the last 2- 100's on 1:15 but it seemed to prime me for leading the 5oo's . Rare indeed. Lately there are at least 3 others in the lane on any given day that can
pound me in the water and I'm usually bringing up the back of the train. Today they were MIA so I led the 500's and felt great. Well, maybe not on that last 5oo but at least I wasn't crashing and burning with my lane mates right on my feet. Phew...

I've been swimming since December and I'm finally feeling like my swim is comin' around.

Now if I can apply it to something, perhaps a race?
I have an appointment on Friday to evaluate my stress fracture to see if it's healed enough to jump back on the running train. I expect lots of good karma, vibes, feng shui....whatever from all of you at 1:15 EST please. Maybe in 3 months I'll be ready to race when every one's season is winding down. Ok.. maybe not winding down but in full throttle, where i will be just startin' up.

I think I'm ready for one of poopy Jen's 20- 200 swim challenges, and you?
Happy Training!