Wednesday, April 8, 2009


It's that little sound my PinkBerry makes when I have a new text message AND it's the sound that goes off in my cranium when I have a break through workout.

Today at Masters, it was nothing out of the ordinary, or so it seemed. I did my usual shuffle out on deck, eyes half closed, sheet marks still on my face, moaning about how tired I was and not feeling very motivated to get into the chilly waters of the MIT Z Center pool. After a bit of mumbling under my breath I dove in and snuck in a 300 before Coach Bill strolled in with the workout. Here it is if you want a nice 4000 set. (no fun alone I'd guess)

300 ez

2x50 on 60 (drill)

1x200 on 3:15 (working on extension)

2x50 on 60 (drill)

1x200 on 3:15 (working on hip and shoulder roll)

10x 100

10x100 on 1:45
4x100 on 1:20
2x100 on 1:35
2x100 on 1:15 ( oh mama.. I need some feet to draft!)

Re group at the wall...

4x 500 on 8:00

500 pull

500 front quadrant (6:50)

500 pull

500 fastest of the day (6:55) oops.

100 ez

I struggled a bit holding the last 2- 100's on 1:15 but it seemed to prime me for leading the 5oo's . Rare indeed. Lately there are at least 3 others in the lane on any given day that can
pound me in the water and I'm usually bringing up the back of the train. Today they were MIA so I led the 500's and felt great. Well, maybe not on that last 5oo but at least I wasn't crashing and burning with my lane mates right on my feet. Phew...

I've been swimming since December and I'm finally feeling like my swim is comin' around.

Now if I can apply it to something, perhaps a race?
I have an appointment on Friday to evaluate my stress fracture to see if it's healed enough to jump back on the running train. I expect lots of good karma, vibes, feng shui....whatever from all of you at 1:15 EST please. Maybe in 3 months I'll be ready to race when every one's season is winding down. Ok.. maybe not winding down but in full throttle, where i will be just startin' up.

I think I'm ready for one of poopy Jen's 20- 200 swim challenges, and you?
Happy Training!


Jennifer Harrison said...

OH YEAH BABY! Here is Poopy Jen....hmmm, I think I like the nickname Miss Daisy better. BUT, we can do a swim challenge...for SURE! What to do ... what to do....
I WILL be thinking of you on the 10th! :) xo
PS I did respond to your email (I was at Target) yesterday, but I don't think you loved my answer. HAHA
GOOD swimming this AM.

Trigirlpink said...

Sista... I LUV Tar-jaay and yuppers on your response yesterday. I got it and nope..didn't like your answer but sorta figured you'd say no-go.

Marit C-L said...

NICE JOB!!!! Looks like a great workout! Wow - a swim challenge. Hmmm..... I'll have to wait and see about that one, but its tempting...very tempting... :) Hooray that the swimming is coming around - that's awesome!

kerrie said...

um, that is a crapload of swimming. That early, in cold water sounds like torture!!! I'm sending tons of healing vibes your way!

Pedergraham said...

Molly and I will be keeping our paws and fingers crossed on Friday. Could I skip the 10x 100s on 1:45 and just get straight to the meat of the workout? (If I have to do 10 of anything I end up doing 7 or 13 because I can't keep track! Don't let me lead the lane.)

Wess said...

TriGirl -
Oustanding swim... how long (time)? Would yake me 2 hrs, if I even finished. Impressive indeed - congrats on the breakthru, always motivating!
LUCK, LUCK, LUCK on Friday!

(aka Triwess - the guy you referred to Dr Asnis for my hip - good man; likely surgery in the fall; will try to get thru the season)