Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Week Five and counting

Thursday I celebrate my somewhat intact sanity by getting to (exactly) week five with no running. Psychologically, my ass is 3 times as big as it was a month ago , I'm for sure moving right into a plus size and my night guard is sporting some more than normal grinding wear. Do you think they are still accepting applications to audition for The Biggest Loser? I'm feeling adventurous.
April 10th I will return to see Dr. Hester for a follow up. I must remember not to bring any
sharp objects into the exam room with me in case I hear him utter, " we need to give it a few more weeks, TGP"

Good luck to my friend
Rob traveling to race in Clermont Fla. this coming weekend. Why take the time to mention this on my blog? He's the only person from Maine on the participants list! An anomaly for sure. He'll be EASY to pick out,transparently ghost-white standing out among the crowd of supple tanned Floridians and brave enough to expose flesh that has been covered in fleece for the past 7 month. Eeeeeks...... Woops! I almost forgot the Oceanside folks! Jen Marit and Dede, Rock the house!!!
Don't forget the sunscreeeeeen.


GZ said...

Night guard? It seems we all wear these now ... seriously.

Cathy said...

Puh-lease! Psychological is right - you're not in danger of having to go on Biggest Loser... Besides - I heard from a VERY reliable source that you were out riding your bike on Saturday!

Good luck with the next dr. visit.

Rob Straz said...

Chalk boy will represent with New England folks well !

Damie said...

Hi! I visit your blog some- thanks for letting me read. I am sorry to hear that it has been so long since you have been able to run. 5 weeks does seem really tough. When I came across this post tonight, it was comforting to know that someone else may be going through the ups and downs of a no-running injury. I hope you can get back to where you were...and beyond. Good luck. :)

Eileen Swanson said...

Elaine, hoping you recover quick! I know it's tough now, but soon enough you will be back to running and your bootie is still small and perfect ;-))

kerrie said...

so, how the foot feeling? are you a champion water runner yet? have you attempted a little run yet?