Sunday, March 22, 2009

No Swim. No bike. No run post. Violins Instead

I have a new room mate. He was born in 1911. Do the math. You'd never know it and probably wouldn't believe it unless you saw it yourself. An anomaly for sure. Speaks 6 languages. A world renown violinist. A professor for 40 years at Boston University and still teaching. A very busy social schedule that puts mine to shame. We eat with cloth napkins and usually have wine with dinner along with very engaging conversation about many things I have never seen in the world or known about music. Quick witted and very funny. We share meals and Polish heritage. I am enjoying my new living situation, one that requires me to do nothing but live in a house with a very self sufficient ( with housekeepers massage therapists, and grad students who come to learn ) and one who still drives better than most in Massachusetts. A unique and special person that triggers my natural ability to nurture as if he was my own family. He reminds me of my Polish grandfather I lost while in college.

Things happen for a reason as strangely as they may appear. I am enjoying this. It softens the edges of the hard reality of a stress fracture in a foot on the cusp of a triathlon season.

Here are a few images of my companion, housemate, surrogate grandfather. Featured in many publications, including this most recent one.
An artistic portrait

Often I hear this playing from the music room

A book he is featured inside as a teacher

A sample of what's in the library

walls filled with memorabilia


Pedergraham said...

He is probably telling all of his friends about the cool chick with the pink bike and lots of energy who can swim/bike/run like mad.

Jennifer Harrison said...

I was thinking the same thing! He thinks "I get to live with this HOT cool gal!" Enjoy your time with him! :) And, hang in there. April 10th will be here soon.

Mel said...

Thinking of you xoxox

GetBackJoJo said...

You are strong. Good for you. You're feeling good b/c you powered through it and hopefully are beginning to see the other side.
It was good to see you the other night.