Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I am a water jogger extraordinaire..I think

Back into a groove after a week of trying to absorb my latest and greatest injury. One week down and 3 to go before my foot can be looked at again and a radiograph exposed to see if the
bone is healing.

After a few days of my own personal pink pity party, I slapped myself into the here and now and started back to some decent, consistent training. I even managed 4:45 of outdoor saddle time this past weekend and I'm on a water jogging streak. Saturday, Sunday, Monday
and even today after Masters swimming. Yeee haw.

I'm keenly aware of every little thing going on around me while water running. What else
do you have to do with your head bobbing up and down a 25 yard lane of chlorinated water?

I found my calling.
I am a speedy water jogger without even trying. I can lap other sad looking runners forced to
do this humiliating simulation of running through blue tinted liquid with me.

I've secretly critiqued many a male and female body composition as well as swimming apparel choices upon exiting or entering the pool deck. They even get a TGP rating.

30 minutes seems to be the max for the non-masters, non structured swimmer.

I frequently find this urge in wanting to get out or at least yell over to the next lane some pointers to my fellow water mate to help them actually make it to the wall doing freestyle before the water jogger girl makes it there before them. eeeeeks.. sometimes just watching a swimmer fight though the water exhausts me.

Did you know they still make these? I witnessed a wearer of one yesterday.
There is a sparrow stuck flying around the Alumni pool trying to get out the plate glass windows.

I've counted how many red tile squares are on the opposite wall at the MIT Zeiger 50 meter pool (4)

The alumni Pool (at MIT) has warmer water ( 80)than the Zeiger pool ( 79) but not as warm as the Atkinson Pool in Sudbury (83) where I zip around a diving well with the older ladies and their pool noodles and can actually break a sweat.

With every aqua stride, I'm counting down the days to feel some pavement under foot. Until then, my water adventure-running simulation continues dreaming of the day I can run (like below) with a foot that doesn't feel stiff, achey, swollen and numb. (sigh)


Marit C-L said...

Wow - this DOES bring back memories. Hang in there - you're doing GREAT. What would always get me while water running - was when I was working SUPER hard, trying to get the most from my workout, and I would be passed by a super slow swimmer who wasn't even trying. Yeah - I wanted to yell "WORK HARDER!" but managed to keep my composure. :) Oh - and the cap with the flowers on it? I've always wanted one...this would be the perfect opportunity for you... :) Before you know it, you'll be better!

GREAT job on the ride - that's awesome!

Anonymous said...

To funny, I want a swim cap like that. MZ

puremadnessjen said...

You are too funny! At least you have a sense of humor and a good attitude. When are you at atkinson? That is where I coach.....

rr said...

Gazelle! Awesome run photo.

Sky has a swim cap like that.. it's awesome. Is it warm enough yet to wear your fancy lucky sweats to/from the pool, because then you're a fast and fashionable aquajogger..

Anonymous said...

Heal quick it sounds as though water running is making you mad!

AJ said...

Hey I'll swim in the lane next to you next time and you can yell at me for my slow ass freestyle. haha! Lately I'm like 1:26's. Yikes. You're certainly rockin' that run! You'd probably beat me. Of course, tips are welcome too.

BreeWee said...

Oh Pink chick... hang tuff! Soon enough all this will be a memory, your humor is hilarious though!! Glad you are lapping the other water runners!! ha ha... you need that cap!

Pedergraham said...

How is the foot coming along? I am glad that you can get out on the bike, at least. Hope you are healnig quickly!

Eileen Swanson said...

I love your running pic and I know you will be back at it soon enough! Hang in there and keep up the positive attitude!! Oh and AWESOME job on your ride ;-)) COOL!