Monday, March 2, 2009

Snow Day!

I've been waiting for one of these all season! Ahhhhhhhhh... nothing like waking up to blizzard like conditions on a Monday morning and having a free day!

Really not much to blog about other than I've got big changes in store for me on a personal note which I won't elaborate on at the moment but stay tuned for "As TGP's World Turns" for bits and pieces.
This is a triathlon/cyclocross sports related blog (I must remind myself) so will try and stick with it's main purpose. training woes, saddle discomfort, endless desire to shovel food..stuff like that.

My training has been going very well.

Or should I say was.

Some of you know this already but I had an MRI on my foot and I have a stress "reaction" in the cuboid bone in my left foot. What is the difference between a stress fracture and a stress reaction?
Not much other than I don't have to wear that stupid walking boot. (Thanks Amanda R. for offering up yours) 4 solid weeks of no running which could turn into 6-8 weeks.
I contribute this latest issue to on going PF and also a Morton's neuroma I've been diagnosed with in conjunction.
As much as I've been great about taking care of myself, not increasing my run volume, wearing proper shoes, stretching and doing core/functional training a minimum
of 2x week, I am left with a semi permanent dazed and confused look about me.

Your F-ing kidding me, right????

Injured again.
At first I was in shock. So much I actually didn't say one word as I was being told by my physician as I sat on the table staring at the MRI.
Not a word.
I couldn't or the flood gates would have opened right there.

Lucky for me, my sister has a neighbor who is an ortho surgery guy and answered
all my questions (except why) post my mini breakdown.

The good news is, I'm on the mend. ( I hope)
I"ve got my own Aqua Jogger set up with those little feet thingys and I'm already
in the water tricking my brain into thinking I'm actually running. I think I will have to wear the foot things when I swim at masters because I can feel discomfort when I push off the wall when flip turning. Should be interesting and I'll be fair game in Lane Three come tomorrow morning with my new fashion statement. Ha!
Also I bought myself some sturdy, not-so-sure-about-stylish, Dansko shoe/clogs in which I will eat, sleep and work in for the next four weeks. Here's hoping Zappo's delivers in a snow storm.

Send me some water workouts if you have any to share. I find if I try and trick my gray matter into thinking I am doing a workout in the diving well with the other silver headed ladies, I might just be able to save some of that MAF base I worked so hard on.



Anonymous said...

Everything will turn out for the best! Keep smiling E!
(I still think the new bike is UGLY)

GZ said...

Ack. That sucks.

I suggest treadmill type workouts (but of course, in a pool)... in other words ones where you break it up via time ... 3 minutes on, 1 minute off, 2 minutes on, 1 minute off, etc. Mentally, I find that easier to live with ...

Good luck ... get well!

Marit C-L said...

Oh no! I saw the FB comments, but still - I'm really sorry! Keep up with the aqua jogging - it works. Seriously!
A few things I noticed last summer when I did it for 8 weeks...
1) I used the shoes, but found that I never really got enough resistance so I stopped using them after a while. But if they work for you - GREAT!
2) I would alternate using an aqua jogging belt and not using one. Going without the belt was a much harder workout - so mix it up! Maybe on longer days use the belt, but on days with more intensity go without
3) Mix it up! GZ's suggestion for hard and easy is a great one! I found that 6 min pieces, or 10 min peices....worked really well. Anything that you would do running (400s... go by 90 seconds so that would equal 90 sec in the pool), or what sort of split you would hold on the track can be done in the pool. Tell Jen to send you running workouts as normal - you'll just apply the time in the pool.
4) HR monitor - I wore one just to see how my hr was affected. I got it really high at times - but because of buoyancy and stuff, it's about 10-15 beats lower than what you would be running outside. But I found that I could really watch my intensity by using the monitor - it helped to keep me motivated
5) Water resistant ipod? If you have one, it will really help. I never did end up getting one...and I wish I had. I got bored at times...
6) Cold pool water - it was AWFUL! There were times when I used an old shortjohn wetsuit (sleeveless and short legs) to help insulate myself. Sometimes a 75 minute long water run will make you get really cold - the wetsuit or something like it could really help.

Hope this helps - hang in there! The time will pass before you know it!

AJ said...

Hey. I'll be one of those gray haired ladies. I'll wear wig. ;) I think I'm gonna keep it up a few times a week. I liked what it did for my hip flexors and glutes.

It's def. hard to get in a good workout with the belt on! Try without for harder workouts once you've figured out the form. That was something I had a tough time with for a while.

I actually found time to go by pretty fast somehow. Something about it though made me have to pee like every 20 minutes! That was a little annoying.

Are you running after masters? I should join you some day. We could granny run together. Do it without the belt and you won't think it's so granny!

GoBigGreen said...

Hi E:
Oh darn. Sorry. I hope you have some good rehab people on your side working with you. As for the pool jogging I agree that it goes fast..get thru the first 20 min and you are good to go! I also liked doing it BEFORE swimming ( that may be TOOO DARN EARLY) but the swim then lengthen's those hip flexors that get alot of work while jogging.
Keep your chin up and eat lotsa bone building Ca+

kerrie said...

that does really suck....i hope your foot is feeling better soon! rather random, but have you seen a good chiro about your foot? one of the first things that the chiro i'm seeing now(who is fantastic)did is adjust my cuboid as it was somehow out of had something to do with my whole left side being out of whack and my cuboid bone actually hurt to the touch. he adjusted it and less than 48 hrs later it was great. i realize you have a stress reaction going on, but i wonder if it isn't being cause by somekind of alignment issue. i didn't even know that bone existed until recently. so it might be worth your while to find a good sports chiro :)
as for danskos - i LOVE them. it is all i ever wear, i have several pairs - leopard print, faux snake skin, red ones and of course the standard black and brown!!!!

TriGirl Kate O said...

Dansko's are sexy. I'll send you a pair of my lavender ones! I hope you are on the mend soon.