Sunday, December 28, 2008

It's 61 degrees currently here in Massachusetts. In December???? Very bizarre indeed. So the scheduled long run turned into a outside ride instead. Unfortunately, my body didn't know what to do on a bike not supported by a Computrainer. Fun nonetheless and more so the novelty of getting outside in December when normally it would be 19 was very cool.

So while my feline slept in a computer briefcase....

I pulled on my gear

and off I went. The roads were wet but the air temps, amazing. What a treat!

Here I am on a pee stop. Can I just tell you how pleasant it is to drop trow and bare your a$$ in 60 degrees instead of 19?

And lastly,

This.. this is never good....

and sadly yet another casualty

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas on the seacoast of Maine

Partridge in a pine-wooden pear underneath- tree

Eliot Maine coast

Just something I saw during my Christmas morning run

The outside of my sister's house. Can you tell she's a floral designer?

Lobsta traps on my morning run

Parker the Golden Retriever.

Lives for snow and swimming.

Eats bananas and clementines, celery... you name it.

Favorite toy: anything plush, shaped like a squirrel or a duck with a

built in squeaker.

Just to prove there are people here not just dogs... Me,my sista and my bro.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Long Course/50 meters

I got squat to blog about but will say this: I'm excited that the MIT pool is set up for long course until the middle of January starting today. Yipppppeeee!

How is it that I can still count on my hands the number of times I've been back swimming feeling like a total wanker in the pool slow as sh*t and feeling miserable, yet today it was long course and I managed a 1300 warm up and a 2000 set I suggested for the lane: 4x5oo swim/pull/swim/pull
(15 seconds rest inbetween) without slithering out in the middle of the mainset?


Oh... the whining and look of "have you been sniffing tubular glue again?" after suggesting this set but we did it.
4- 500's might not seem like much but the first day of long course, oh baby.. you feel it. You see, masters is officially on break until Jan 1st so it's up to us as *Lane Three* to get our own sorry a$$'s to the pool and figure out our own gig.

I don't miss the 25 yard set up one nanosecond.

Bring it on!

Anyone planning to do the One Hour Swim in January? You can do it on the very last day of January. Grab a lane and someone to sit at the end of the pool to record your mileage. It's definitely a test of mental toughness yet a nice way to help build an early season base.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

MIT Masters Lane 3 Holiday Fun

Where are the morning MIT Masters swimmers in Lane 3???


drinking alcohol in place of chlorinated water, and having way too much fun.

mmmmmmmm beer

I don't know how we did it, but we planned ahead and got every last one of us in lane 3 0f 7 lanes to join in for a bit of non aquatic socializing. This was strictly an *our lane only* party. What a bunch of lane snobs,eh? Ha! Most of us get up before 5:30 to swim and to be honest there isn't much fun and laughter to be seen or heard at AM Masters. In fact don't look at me the wrong way or your apt to get your pull buoy whipped across the deck and if you miss that send off.... OMG... hell have no fury like TGP's morning scorn. (just kidding) We are a different breed for sure. But hey, toss a couple of beers our way 13 hours later and the fun never ended. We've got an awesome diverse group of neuro surgeons, money managers, MIT professors and research staff to name a few all with a common interest. Swimming!

Friday, December 12, 2008

Dear Santa

It's me...TGP here. Notice my Christmas tree. There's nothin'underneath 'cept for some stray pine needles. Zilch, zero, nada. I hope it's not too late to get my list to you via Blog land. I've been pretty good this year Santa. Granted I did my share of whining about a foot, a hip, a shoulder and a lower back. It's one thing to complain another if you don't try and fix things, right? Trust me on this one Santa, I can call the orthopedic office and they recognize my voice instantly. I wander through the office saying hi to Paul, and Anthony and Shawn, and Elaine the receptionist who always gets me in quick because we have the same name. They are like family.

OK, here goes:
Please note: the order in which the items presented is not necessarily the order of importance in I mean want.

1. A goLITE BlU Light therapy box.

Santa, I REALLY need this. My day starts at 4:50 am in the dark, I work in a basement level with no natural light and I leave to go home in the dark. BLAH is the best way to describe me right now plus it's cheaper than electric shock therapy. No need to add to our already over burdened health care system, right?

2. Cuisinart Grind & Brew.

Coffee! Ahhhhhhhhhhh. I'm into coffee now Santa and I want a nice coffee maker that I can pre program so that it's warm happiness is waiting for me at 5:10am. Lord knows I NEED it on my drive to the pool especially now when it's frigid and dark out. My lane mates are counting on me. My skilled position of back of the lane cheerleader is very important and appreciated at the moment and I don't want to let my lane mates down. I find I bark out orders and bitch and moan less when I'm caffeinated. My lane mates seem so friendly on days I have coffee. Hmmmmmmmmm.

3. (As many as you think I can have) coupon booklets for the following:

Chiropractic adjustments xxoooo I love Dr. Joe so don't forget him too Santa. Crack crack and I'm good as new.

Massaaaaaahge Mo Bruno Roy- THE BEST massage therapist and wonder chicka pro cyclocrosser EVER!

Splish suits xxxxoooo I love Dawn and Ira too. They created all my "can you make this" requests come true.

4. A Bose Sound Dock. Ok, I admit this is a bit frivolous but when I'm on my Computrainer and want to crank 50 cent's In Da Club without damaging my ears, the stereo is tooooo far away and it doesn't accommodate my ipod.
5. A year's supply of Cliff Bloks (with caffeine of course)

6. My own Bosu Ball to add to my at-home functional training gadgetry with a personal instruction DVD of Jen Harrison doing a demo of each prescribed core/functional training technique using the Bosu to keep my foot, back, hip, shoulder from biting the dust again.

and finally.....

7. A pink Blackberry Pearl. See.. I don't need an iPhone!!! Trying to be budget minded here. I know we are in a recession.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Monday, December 8, 2008

Thank you for shopping with us Elaine!

Internet shopping. Who doesn't love it?

All you need is a couple of senses intact, some minimal index finger dexterity and your all set baby. I imagine all those people out there with a serious shopping addiction now find it even harder resisting the urge to rack up the credit card. It's just too simple now. If you do have a measure of self control, cyber shopping is the most awesome technology EVER which brings me to my purpose of this blog post.

How many time have you found a pair of goggles for instance that you just can't swim without? It's like the drawer full of saddles I have. After shellin' out a small fortune, I finally found the saddle I love. All my bikes have Specialized Rubys atop the seat post. Ahhhhhhhh.

It's all good until you go and try to replace this prized item you've nailed due to wear and tear or loss and then your up sh*t's creek without a paddle when you come to find out your special something has been put to rest in the marketing/production world. UGH.

TYR Aqua shift metalized goggles.

Comfy, low profile, no racoon eyes. "ocean" or "solar" mirrored finish so my lanemates can't see me roll my eyes when they piss me off.

I love these and used to be able to get them quickly and easily from

Not anymore.

They are becoming extinct.

This does not make me happy. Just like when they discontinued John Frieda Beach Blond Ocean Waves spray. If you don't know what it is, it doesn't matter. It's gone. Now you can buy a bottle of it at for $89. One of the last $5.99 bottles left on the earth. Stupid company....

After several google searches, I found my beloved goggles and ordered 4 pairs. Now I'm feeling like I need to hoard them like Elaine did on Seinfeld with her *Sponges*. Some guys weren't *Sponge worthy*. I'm now wondering if Masters swimming is worthy of subjecting a fresh pair of my Aquashift's.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The non swimming Splish wearer

Monday was my first time back in the water since Sept. 6th. Leave it to Ms Injury USA, I somehow pulled a tendon or something in my bicep after my last 1/2 in September. I attribute it to tossing on a full wetsuit and swimming/racing hard 1.2 miles in it when I hadn't worn it in any outdoor practice swims.I'm beginning to agree with myself( we have these little talks every so often) that as practical as I am at times, I do the most idiotic things reinforcing I'm not the brightest bulb on the tree, possibly one brick short of a load? Swimming only continued to irritate it more when attempted so like with the running, I had to shelf it for a while this fall.

Returning to Masters after 3 months off is equivalent to a hot poker to the eye. Don't you agree?

Even a week away is painful.

I used to lead the lane at times. I now ride the back of the bus. Forget about the back of the bus, picture me holding on to the bumper with my teeth.

I hated getting out of the pool without at least 3800 for a workout. I now slither out mid main set still breathless from the warm up set.

It's not pretty but like they say, what goes down must come back up like my 401 profit sharing(please god) and hopefully my swimming.

There will be no Short Course Meters(800 free) December swim meet at BU for me. Waaaaaaaa.

The one hour swim ain't looking so good for January either.

I did make this fun suit today though and I got a nice email from one of my lane mates that makes me want to come back for more pounding. "Elaine-It was great to see you today. We are happy you are back in the lane.BB"