Monday, December 22, 2008

Long Course/50 meters

I got squat to blog about but will say this: I'm excited that the MIT pool is set up for long course until the middle of January starting today. Yipppppeeee!

How is it that I can still count on my hands the number of times I've been back swimming feeling like a total wanker in the pool slow as sh*t and feeling miserable, yet today it was long course and I managed a 1300 warm up and a 2000 set I suggested for the lane: 4x5oo swim/pull/swim/pull
(15 seconds rest inbetween) without slithering out in the middle of the mainset?


Oh... the whining and look of "have you been sniffing tubular glue again?" after suggesting this set but we did it.
4- 500's might not seem like much but the first day of long course, oh baby.. you feel it. You see, masters is officially on break until Jan 1st so it's up to us as *Lane Three* to get our own sorry a$$'s to the pool and figure out our own gig.

I don't miss the 25 yard set up one nanosecond.

Bring it on!

Anyone planning to do the One Hour Swim in January? You can do it on the very last day of January. Grab a lane and someone to sit at the end of the pool to record your mileage. It's definitely a test of mental toughness yet a nice way to help build an early season base.


Cy said...

I love that MIT pool-It's Huge. We didn't have a chance to swim LC, and ended up swimming 25yds in the diving well.

Sounds like a great challenge for the end of Jan. Now I just need to find a LC pool in Mpls.

Jennifer Harrison said...

OH YEAH BABY! LOVE that LC stuff...good for you! NO LC pools here in Chicagoland burbs....but I can do the Postal swim anyway, but may puke from dizziness. HA. :)

AJ said...

Love it!! I thought I was dreaming this morning.