Wednesday, March 5, 2014

The Season Of Slothness

If there's one thing we can all agree on, especially if you live here in the northeast, this winter scores a solid 8 in disciplinary weather punishment.  Wow.....

When the sh*t started hitting the fan back in December, I was whining and fighting it distracted with photography, travel and the holidays.Gone are the days when I would go out and run in minus whatever windchill. Stupid girl..  With that, I quickly grew doughy with inactivity and the thought of working my way  back to something that resembled fitness was far off and embracing this snowy frigid season while trying to do this was far from thought and just plain an inconvenience.

Unfortunately, whining doesn't burn very many calories and soon my favorite pair(s) of jeans were beginning to whittle down and by the start of January my inactivity and  winter grumpiness was in full swing. Surely I can blame this on the consistent cycle of injury/downtime in which my body has become accustomed to this time of year, right?


Speaking of consistent, I excelled in consistency with enough carbo intake that could feed 3 people.  Carbs and the desire to go lay down compliment each other nicely and it was often I had the desire to crawl into my mirco fleece sheets (you gotta get these) most nights around 9  after I mustered up enough energy to spatula my a$$ off the couch, 

Fast forward to mid January. I somehow snapped back from my unhinged state with the motivational factor being that my jeans selection was becoming even more frail and I began to justify that wearing sweatpants out daily was perfectly acceptable. 

First, I dug out my XC skis. Maybe.....I thought, if I get shiny new equipment I will ski again!  Surprisingly, my classic and skate skis albeit  old, were far from crappy.  My skate skis were top of the line (back then) and I just needed to tweak a few things. Big thanks to Chris Li at The Bikeway Source for always seeming to be available and helping me get out of my hibernation den with not only my skis, but studded tires so I could  get my bike out in the trails. Also, my Team Psycho teammate Skip Thomas has been gracious enough to let me slip into openings in the schedule of his way cool cave of  Computrainer PerfPRO cycling pain. It's just what I've needed to get back on the bike and try to gain some base back.

So that's what I've been doing.

I've skied 4-5 times using my classic skis trying to work on my technique while getting in a really
good workout which leaves me trashed and drenched in sweat.

LOOK!!!!  I went over a log!  :-P

Skip's House of pain and a view of his butt and my bike on the right.  :-)

See ya outside!