Sunday, September 13, 2015

Race Strategy 101: We Do this For Fun

I've said it before and I'll say it again: With age comes wisdom and if you've successfully graduated,
then letting go of all the silly trivial, time-sucking, energy draining, crap in your life will earn you a very essential part of that wisdom degree.  Sure, you might have grey hair and struggle to read the menu's small print, but when you've  let insignificant clutter and noise life often throws at you behind, you've made it and it's that's all that matters!

Here's some "outtakes" and additional images from Ironman Mt Tremblant where the main goal was to finish the race but not without punctuating the final journey with as much fun as one could muster up . This is much easier to accomplish if you bring the right specimen with you.

Did you know you can't bring blueberries into Canada from the US? We didn't either.

If you're pretty certain one particular part of your race might be a wee bit challenging, don't fight it and by all mean, SIWS (say it with socks) if at all possible.

Enjoy the festivities even if there are no other athletes in sight wearing the required race wristband.
 (They're probably all tucked in their beds dreaming of sugar plums a Kona slot).  Drink, eat late, heck... you paid A LOT of money for the privilege, so make the most of it with imbibing and fireworks displays.

While preparing your trusty steed for race time, try not to laugh so hard you aspirate your own saliva.You'll need to save all that lung capacity for race day.

STICKY, I'm saying sticky at the end. 

And remember, EVERY day is a happy day with a glass of red wine.
Post race dinner with candlelight courtesy of my personal assistant/ sherpa/big sister

Thanks for stoppin' by!