Monday, December 8, 2008

Thank you for shopping with us Elaine!

Internet shopping. Who doesn't love it?

All you need is a couple of senses intact, some minimal index finger dexterity and your all set baby. I imagine all those people out there with a serious shopping addiction now find it even harder resisting the urge to rack up the credit card. It's just too simple now. If you do have a measure of self control, cyber shopping is the most awesome technology EVER which brings me to my purpose of this blog post.

How many time have you found a pair of goggles for instance that you just can't swim without? It's like the drawer full of saddles I have. After shellin' out a small fortune, I finally found the saddle I love. All my bikes have Specialized Rubys atop the seat post. Ahhhhhhhh.

It's all good until you go and try to replace this prized item you've nailed due to wear and tear or loss and then your up sh*t's creek without a paddle when you come to find out your special something has been put to rest in the marketing/production world. UGH.

TYR Aqua shift metalized goggles.

Comfy, low profile, no racoon eyes. "ocean" or "solar" mirrored finish so my lanemates can't see me roll my eyes when they piss me off.

I love these and used to be able to get them quickly and easily from

Not anymore.

They are becoming extinct.

This does not make me happy. Just like when they discontinued John Frieda Beach Blond Ocean Waves spray. If you don't know what it is, it doesn't matter. It's gone. Now you can buy a bottle of it at for $89. One of the last $5.99 bottles left on the earth. Stupid company....

After several google searches, I found my beloved goggles and ordered 4 pairs. Now I'm feeling like I need to hoard them like Elaine did on Seinfeld with her *Sponges*. Some guys weren't *Sponge worthy*. I'm now wondering if Masters swimming is worthy of subjecting a fresh pair of my Aquashift's.

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