Thursday, April 16, 2009

Perfect Day Right Here, Right Now!

Tell me, what is better than having your weekend start on a Thursday? Perhaps your day starts with early morning masters and you discover behind door's
Ultra Distance Day!!! WoooooHoooo! On hearing this you let out a high pitched "yeeha" in the lane, while your lane mates begin to groan. Fear not my fellow lane mates, TGP will lead you to the promise land! THEN.... (this is when it really gets guuuuud)

As the sun is shining ever so brightly and everyone else is at work, you go to pick up your brand new sparkling steed that has been waiting for you for weeks at FitWerx in Peabody MA.

This is Dean Phillips, co-owner and a bad ass triathlete himself, making some final measurements before the last of the build.

This is Mark, one of FitWerx top notch mechanics putting on the final touches: pedals, PowerTap, bar tape and cages for me after doing the inital build. Thanks Mark!!

Here I am looking all too happy on my new bike! Thanks Dean!

And yes damn it, I'm still wearing FLEECE top and bottom!!! It's still CHILLY here!


Marit C-L said...

Absolutely fantastic. Beautiful! Stunning! You're going to be SOFAST this year!!!! :)

GoBigGreen said...

Sweet ride Elaine. So tell me what kind of rear bottle holder system do you have there? I need one and dont know where to start!!

AJ said...

Nice day!...and nice ride, lady!! You haven't been riding that baby?'ve had it so long. Glad to see TGP world is rockin' right now. :) no fleece today...70 deg!!

Jennifer Harrison said...

Damn, nice to see you smiling!!! Bike looks super and isn't that fun? And, on a sunny day too? Double bonus!!! :))

Pedergraham said...


GetBackJoJo said...

Oh, he's handsome.
And you deserve a nice new handsome steed.

kerrie said...

very nice - i'm going to be getting a new bike sooooooon toooo!!!!!
don't tell me that you are wearing newtons in that pic?

Jamie said...

Awesome new ride. Glad to see you rocking the pink bar tape.

I think I'm noticing a theme here...

Wess said...

It was nice to meet you today - hope you had a great ride on a great day!
All the Best with the foot-recovery.
Paul Wessel - guy with the hip...)