Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Let This Be A Warning To You

If by chance you are capable of crossing an Ironman finish line breaking the tape and subsequently crowned #1, happen to live close by me and I somehow find a way to weasel into your abode before your return, here's what you might expect with your pile high mail and needy dog.

assembling my arsenal

Let's start with the condo front door so everyone in the building knows the skinny scoop and shows some respect, right?

Next, the entrance to your unit must not be forgotten.

If you have a canine or feline, they usually are very helpful in suggesting how to decorate and such as girly dog Riley did here.

Of Course I mean this in a loving, tender, team mate way. Nice wine glasses.

Not a room is missed by my thoughtful touch exhibited here.

A simple prop to remind you that yes, you've secured your Kona spot for the billionth time.


Courtenay said...

dede greisbauer is your sort-of neighbor?! that is so awesome. and i am sorry for probably mis-spelling her name.

i love your sense of humor!

Anonymous said...

That is hilarious! You have to try and get pics of her reaction when she sees everything

Mel said...

you are the "best" type of friend...she is sooo going to love ya for it:)..great ideas there sista:)

kerrie said...

that is too funny! i want to see her reaction too. i just hope that some of that bike speed some how wears off on me since we are now riding the same kind of bike, lol!!