Saturday, May 2, 2015

It's A Woman's Perogative

I decided to do something a bit impulsive and thought it might make for some decent entertainment (think train wreck) so I'm resurrecting 
this cobweb infested blog in case anyone wants to see the outcome of this experiment. If by chance it goes better than planned, I'm leaving my day job, writing a how-to book and going on a book signing tour( exotic locations only)
As of April 15th, I was happy to repeat my entire race season of 2014. I did just
enough racing last season that felt balanced and most importantly fun. I set simplistic goals
and got my sorry a$$  back into shape without
getting injured and with the fun factor being utmost important. I found some self-control and didn't spiral into a mac & cheese/brownie relapse this winter. So with that, I'm ahead of the game in terms of not having to dig myself out of the winter sedentary black hole.

All was going well up until a week ago and suddenly I decided pushing the reset button and repeating the entire season as I did last year seemed less desirable.
Without an ounce of alcohol to blame on my impulsiveness, suddenly I was mumbling, "Where do I send my check?"
 And so, the drama begins...

I'm never getting this tat

I'm officially signed up for an Ironman Mt Tremblant August 16th. But here's the best part: I JUST
signed up for it today.
Here are some fun facts to back up why this decision most undoubtedly questions
my sanity.

*I have approximately 100 days (give or take) to prepare.
*My last ironman distance race was Lake Placid 2004
* I consider myself an injury waiting to happen. I'm convinced my frame is assembled with snappy
little toothpicks and dried up rubber bands for tendons.
My last 70.3 race was in 2009 and that one was a cluster f of a day I was happy to forget.
I actually had to go look up on Athlinks to confirm this. Yup, 2009- last 1/2 ironman.  Wow...
 and to think I used to love the 70.3 distance. It was by far my favorite.
Lake Placid 2004 (Notice the spectators riveted to my finish  shuffle)

I can't even quite put my finger on what triggered the idea, but all it took
was a teammate to say  "Let's do it."
The Team Mate

This is EXACTLY what got me in trouble in grade school.My report card often read:"Elaine needs
to pay attention to the work in front of her instead of what her classmates are doing around her. She is impulsive at times and often exhibits poor judgment skills." My mom will attest to my 
academically inspired social skills. Seriously... I don't make this shit up. Grade school party girl front and center.

I'll be updating the adventure here often. Not so much specific workouts, b.o.r.i.n.g...but more like
how many times a day I manage to say, "I'm not doing this" How I can consume an entire sleeve of Fig Newtons at 3 am from the sudden increase in my *activity*, and my success at not falling asleep with sharp instruments in people's mouths during the day from the fatigue.

Let's get this party started!!

Thanks for stopping by


Gerry said...

Your right about not paying attention in grade school,it was an expected comment on your report card! However, I look at you now and see a beautiful strong women that can just can't stop setting high goals for herself. Be careful and listen to your body and what it is telling you. Good luck!

Florence said...

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