Tuesday, June 23, 2015

I Hate Running....

A very inconvenient dilemma eight weeks out from an Ironman wouldn't you think? More on that

May, my buildup month is behind me and June is quickly slipping away. MAKE. IT. STOP. I knew the time was going to fly by but geez.... It feels as if it's warp speed.

I'm trying to do everything I  can to enhance my Cliff Notes version of Ironman training and I'm nailing it.( except for that pesky run)

Sleep is number one on the list. I don't compromise on this. Sometimes I'm getting into bed 
and it's not completely dark yet and if I can sneak in a nap for 30/45 on the weekend days I
do it. 

Refueling in the 30-minute window after training. I make a huge effort to do this. Protein and carbs
in liquid form to get it in my system as quickly as possible.

Diet change. This one has been a  MASSIVE change for me and it's taken work.  I've cut out 30-40% of CHO in my diet. All the simple ones I try to avoid altogether.  The bagels, cookies, candy, pasta, chips, crackers- all but gone from my diet. I don't compromise on protein or fats in which both  help sustain and keep my blood sugar stable. It's not dieting. It's not calorie counting. It's teaching your body to burn FAT efficiently and maintaining a stable blood sugar all day. The very first thing I noticed was not feeling like I wanted to fall asleep at 3 pm in the afternoon at work and/or go looking for a sugar high to revive me. I'm working with Caroline Kavanagh (click on her name for a link to her site) She is teaching me to become metabolically efficient. What does that mean? In a nutshell, it teaches you to burn fat efficiently while training and racing instead of zipping through carbohydrate prematurely. 75% is DIET and only 25% training. Crazy right??? It's all about pairing foods CHO/PRO/FATS ratios. NOT starving yourself or feeling deprived.
The Lab

Testing to see when I go from fat burning over to CHO burning.
Caroline #1
I'm loving this for 3 reasons: Caroline knows her stuff. She is very knowledgeable in this particular field. She makes the transition painless by explaining everything thoroughly and gives great advice and tips to make
it as simple as possible. Trust me, it can seem overwhelming at first. Lots of numbers and ratios to think about.  She's an ACE at this and I'm very grateful I found her. Yay! I can't go without mentioning that she's in my age group and CRUSHES me if we both show up at a race. :-O

So about that running thing.... I used to LOVE, LOVE, LOVE running. NotSoMuch right now.
Lots of things come to into play, but my main goal, whatever the issues may be is to get to Mt. Tremblant fresh, injury free albeit undertrained. If that means I have to limit my running because I can't cram in all the training, so be it.  I'm just hoping that heading out for a run sooner than later, moves from feet dragging to "Gosh!! I kinda like this!"

Tick ..Tick... Tick...
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