Sunday, January 6, 2013

The Long Road Back Starts Here!

Numbers don't lie folks and here's the raw proof. One thing is certain: I've PR'ed for highest poundage on my 5' 10.5" frame ever. At least I've PR'ed in something lately...

Total ACL/ meniscus reconstruction will do that to you (if you let it)


Injury date: August 17
Surgery : October 10
Recovery status: starting week 13. 
 What I am restricted from (still): No swimming, no snowshoeing, no yoga, no running, no snowboarding, no XC skiing. NO lateral twisting movements of any kind or any activities that may cause this.
What I am allowed to do: weight train (within reason) ride a bike, walk, use the elliptical,  continue PT.

So you can see, I didn't slip into my current predicament over night and it's become increasing clear, I'm not gonna climb outta this hole any time soon either. That being said, I can't blame anyone for my extra fat stores but my brain and hands.  I thought of the wine, I purchased the wine, I consumed the wine and the margaritas, burgers, wings, donuts, cookies, fries, dessert almost nightly, more cream in my coffee than coffee, candy, more wine, coffee cake, cheezy lasagna, did I mention wine? Garlicky mashed potatoes, pizza. You get the picture, right?  I did NOT deny/restrict myself of any particular food during this accident recovery and so, I now I will  pay the piper after almost 10 weeks of inactivity. 
In order to avoid the surgery table again, I followed the prescribed protocol TO THE T.
 For weeks, PT was my only exercise allowed.

One Hundred Fifty One Point One Pounds coming from an athlete that weighed  One Hundred Thirty Five Point Five Pounds when active, training and happy less than 6 months ago.

And so with that, a new journey begins! I have lots of work to do just to become
fit and feel good again.  I can't even THINK about training or racing just yet but I'm excited
to have a coach to help me with my journey back which I will share next time.
Soooo.. stick with me!!!

Watch me transform myself from this:
To this:

For the next 6 months updating this blog will primarily include my progress and all that comes with it. I will be honest and post my weight, update my activity and even the setbacks in which I foresee none of. 



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Elaine Howley said...

Brave girl, but let's keep it in perspective. I saw you this morning, and you're still fabulously beautiful, even if you have gained weight (which I couldn't see at all, by the weigh, er way.) Once you get back up to speed, it will melt away quickly, and just think, you don't look like me, so there's hope yet! But seriously, it's good that you've followed doctor's orders. If you hadn't, just think how much longer the recovery would be and how much deeper the hole. So soldier on, and be proud of your bad self. ACL tears are hard to bounce back from, but you're doing great.