Friday, November 30, 2012


With the days getting colder and shorter, December is a month I strive to be cozy. This year even more. My ACL reconstruction is moving along nicely. I am at week 7 now. I still have a long way to go as ACL  full recovery can be 6-9 months.

 I've done not a stitch of swimming biking or running as ordered.  My daily routine looks very similar to millions of Americans that consider my routine quite the norm: Get up, shower, grab coffee, commute to work,come home, make dinner, dive into bed exhausted from not exercising and wanting more sleep than I ever have. The comforts of daily life soothe me more than ever right now. A hot shower, my heated car seats, chocolate, a mug of hot green tea, getting my feet massaged during a pedicure,  a glass of wine,climbing into my flannel sheets. All these things I savor to the fullest. They are my pacifiers of daily life I throughly enjoy as I patiently wait  for the day I can be me again.  Monitoring a wattage output, lacing up my running shoes, glancing at a heart rate monitor. Feeling the  fatigue of swimming a hard set. 

 Next week I see Dr Burk my Orthopedic surgeon for a 8 week followup. I'm confident he will loosen this very tight lead he has around my neck and unleash me to start the process of de-marsh-mellowing my doughy self.

 These are a few of my favorite things.....



Squeeze Sponge Bob PT

Icing at  work

Petting Therapy

Soup Making



Jennifer Harrison said...

You have BEEN SO darn patient, E! I HOPE you get to do some things when you see the DR! You will be so hungry when you get back - watch out!

Unknown said...
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