Saturday, October 27, 2012

Attitude is EVERYTHING!

Surely you are growing weary of my incessant focus on my knee. I'll say it for you: 
"Get over it" 
I will or should I say I am! I am making great progress and I credit that progress to a positive attitude way before I even hit that O.R. table Oct. 10th. I had this perceived vision that I would work through this latest crisis in a solid steady better-than-normal pace and well, I am.
My sole purpose for documenting this will come in a year or even 9 months from now when I can participate in whatever sport at the time I decide to fully engaged in and if I utter a complaint with no merit or I am pouting concerning a given result of my effort, I will snap my ass back into the land of *BE GRATEFUL* by reading/viewing one of these posts or two as a simple reminder of: remember when...

Here's a mini pictorial view of my progress.

The MRI Confirms my  Last week of August-Cyclocross Mishap

At First, determined to not lose my fitness
Acceptance,partial recovery, begin Prehab to strengthen my legs

My invaluable help post surgery- Mom
Breakfast in bed!
Wretched Leg Brace
Lunch in bed too! Day One Post Surgery
Kelly in a cooler, TGP in a CPM machine
Mom made me homemade  soup!
Making progress! I can drive!!!
First Post-op visit  praying  this gets left behind
Dr. Thomas Burk Jr. my Orthopedic Surgeon checking my stitches and taking my brace AWAY!
Brace Free and surgical site(s) healing!
18 days post surgery and doing great! Sorry I have the UGLIEST Knee caps!!


GetBackJoJo said...

You have done so well and it's impressive! 9 months... :) that is in time for cross, of course!

Jennifer Harrison said...

YOU have done so well, E and NO complaining, you are a saint! AND what a great mom!!! SPEEDY recovery to you still!!! You need some chocolate! ;) x

N Avraam said...

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