Wednesday, January 16, 2013


I wasn't just kidding when I said  "LET'S GO"

Bada Bing

Bada BOOM!
It seems too good to be true but it appears just the absence of  mindless grazing, eliminating some sugar/empty calories  and nixing wine (gasp)   paired with some consistent but still guarded exercise, this is my
 golden ticket for exactly where I want to be.

Using the elliptical, weigh training, and mixing group spin classes with
low intensity solo Computrainer sessions lasting 1:30-1:40 with itsy  bitsy  touches of intensity tossed in are my
drugs of choice at the moment, and DAMN... it feels so good.

burn baby burn...

I'm  lolling around some ideas for 2013. I think triathlon will
not be in the picture and  I am quite sad about this prospect but the fact  remains, if my
knee isn't strong enough or healed enough so that I don't experience front of the knee discomfort, my run will be more like walking and I'm not setting myself up for frustration and disappointment only to have to modify a plan that was out of reach and not realistic. PT says I will be able to run at the end of this month and return to the pool. I can not tell you how excited I am about this. FINALLY the weeks are ticking off and I am out of the woods. 
So... with that I will be working with a coach ( still in the workings) who will help me do
3 things:

Help me fix my body composition.
Guild me back to fitness  with some proper zones to work with consisting of workouts with purpose and
occasionally test me to show the fruits of my labor to keep me focused and reaching.

I'm also considering a season of mountain biking and swimming as my two main
components to participate in until Cyclocross season.  My main purpose is to try and desensitize myself
from the accident that contributed to my ACL/ meniscus tear. I fear I will
be more timid and  chicken than ever and I'm going to fight that  along with
gaining some skills so I can CRUSH it next fall. 

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kelly williamson said...

LIKE! HANG IN THERE GIRL! ya sound great.

Unknown said...

keep on keeping on--just do what makes your heart happy!

I really love that pink bike xo