Friday, January 25, 2013

Reaching For Svelte-ness

Check. It. Out.

HERE AND NOW  01/25/13

I'm finding more wardrobe options other than my stretchy sweatpants to hide my (now shrinking) buddha belly and all because I stopped inhaling cookies with chunks of peanut butter smeared on them 2 x a day and cutting out alcohol completely. Not without some good 'ol fashion buddha  belly busting workouts in fat burning HR zones though. 

This marks week 16 forACL/meniscus surgery rehab and things couldn't be better.  I've just been granted  use of
a treadmill now alternating walking  a minute and running (if you can call it that).  It's a strange sensation for sure as my knee wants to track to the left or right but not completely where it should yet.
Next week, I see the surgeon to show off my now non atrophied quad muscle and lack of limp.

Exciting right? Me thinks so....

Up next, some indoor Time Trials to ramp the excitement up
a bit 'cause if I'm not suffering paired with the humiliation of the probable outcome of being dead last,
then there's less likely for good drama (bleeding from the eyeballs kind) to report back with.

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rr said...

I am looking at that header picture and thinking SVELTE! You're always svelte. But congrats on the healing, recovery, and pound-dropping! Happy friday!