Monday, February 1, 2010

Who ordered the rain with my palm trees?

It's presently pissing rain here in Orlando. I did not order this for my mid winter escape so if you are in need of some rain where you are, kindly wish it your way, won't you?? The weather in Florida can be IFFY this time of year and I was well aware of this while packing. I knew it would be SLIM finding myself stretched out by the pool sipping a beverage and taking in some natural vitamin D. One day it's 70 (but not sunny) the next, 48 AND WINDY and I was wearing GLOVES and shivering in the dark before the start of the Ocala 1/2 Marathon Sunday morning. All the locals were wearing fleece and tights with barely a smidgen of flesh exposed, yet here I was....

The Ocala 1/2 marathon was a very scenic and  fun course. Not flat by any means but a good variety of rolling terrian , beautiful paved roads, horse farms and loads of Spanish moss trees lining the roads combined with pefect race conditions. I accomplished exactly as I had planned:
 * Run a 13.1 mile distance race at a semi hard but controlled effort  throughout yet treat it like a training day with no expectations placed on myself.
*Concentrate on staying relaxed while paying lots of attention to my run form and be as efficient as possible and finally,
* Test 2 of my First Endurance fueling products  ( PreRace and Liquid Shot)

Mission accomplished.

I have loads of work to do to get my running where I want it to be for 2010, but I'm on the right track.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm off  for a  well deserved soak in a 120 degree bubbling hot tub.



GZ said...

Well - Well done!

120? That is very hot. Like soup.

Jamie said...

Well done Elaine. Don't melt in that hot tub!

Marit C-L said...

Yeah! Nice job!! Florida can get rain ANYTIME... :) I lived there for a few years - yikes! NICE WORK out there - way to kick off your 2010 season! Woohoo!

goSonja said...

Oh my! But at least you looked absolutely adorable in your trakkers top and pink shorts. Warm up!

Jennifer Harrison said...

Nice pinky! You can see it in your eyes, "SHIT!!!!!!!!! I can not believe I am cold in Florida!"

Hee hee...hope your race went well ! :))

kerrie said...

um, where are the rest of the details?? quit holding out!

that happened to us last year when we were in florida in feb. it was so cold that we had to wear all of the clothes that we brought every time we went out.
glad you survived!
p.s. hot-tubbing is the secret of champions!

Jennifer Cunnane said...

Great job on the half marathon! I love First Endurance products - especially Ultragen after long training rides. Enjoy your recovery!

jessithompson said...

Love your facial expression in the pic? "WTF?!?!"