Saturday, February 6, 2010

A Pictorial Quiz Of Suffering (on 2 wheels)

Today was the annual Team Psycho Indoor Time Trial here in Boston. It's a yearly tradition and I don't think I've missed one in 5 years since I've been a member.
For weeks I rattled off "no way am I doing the TT this year." I'm just not putting
myself through that with a big fat ZERO in my cycling training log. NO WAY.. NOT DOING IT. CASE CLOSED."
It's a woman's prerogative to change her mind, right? Of course it is!

So.... I came up with a good reason to sign up on what fitness I had ( not embellishing here) 4... count them, 4 indoor trainer rides.

Here's my reasoning:
I have no baseline of heart rates or power zones for training at this point and
there is no better way then to do a 30 minute time trial to get these numbers.
Doing it on my own was not an option. I just won't go as hard as I am able without
a studio of loud music and 12 other cyclist (per heat) suffering along side of  me on
a Computrainer course with 62 inch LCD screens showing how out of shape I really am.

Also my teammate Dede affectionately known by me as The Wattage Beast,   promises to review my numbers and set me up with appropriate zones.

Anyway, lets get down to the  pictorial quiz business,shall we??

Here I am with one of my TP team mates, Kevin. Kevin drove alllll the way from Manhattan just for an afternoon of cycling fun here in Boston. We look so happy and fresh don't we? I am
completely and totally naive to what is in store for me. Silly girl.... STUPID girl

Now for our  little quiz:


This Picture (only 3 minutes into the time trial) says:
A. Wow! I am in better shape that I thought!
B. BRING IT ON! I'm gonna nail this.
C. Ha! Pain??  What pain?  I'm gonna kick some A$$!
D. All of the above

 A mere 7 minutes into the ride (notice the color change in my face)
The following statement(s) are True:

A. I'm pre-menopausal and I'm having a hot flash moment.
B  The pornographic material  I am viewing is making me blush.
C. I'm having an allergic reaction to my morning bagel with organic peanut butter.
D. None of the above.

Please complete the sentence with one of the following choices below:

Kevin and Elaine are__________________

A. practicing bike yoga.
B. Leading the rest of the riders in group prayer
C. Hiding their twisted and distorted expressions
D. A and B
E. B and A
F. Not A or B
G. Only C But not A or B

BONUS QUESTION (worth 10 points!!)

It appears that I am:

A. Counting the threads on my towel.
B.  Asking Anne (who is taking the photo) if she can see any of my grey roots.
C.  Finding it difficult to hold my upper body and head up while riding a steep hill to nowhere.
D. Looking for a dropped Cliff Blok
F. Getting ready to ask someone to call 911.
G.  C and F and maybe B


Sue said...

to stinking funny!! If I get them right, do I get a prize? thought of you as I came across this about candy. a great read btw

happy trails...

Lucho said...

Awesome... love the time lapse! But I loved the graph even more... I'm a geek.

Marit C-L said...

Hilarious! Thank you for sharing your suffering - insightful AND funny - with the rest of the world! :)

PS - I don't see any roots! ;)

PPSS - Time for cupcakes! YEA!

PPPSSS - my word verification is "demon". How appropriate for your 30 min tt!

GZ said...

ha! I ended up zero-ing in on the graph too ... But I don't know crap about bike numbers.

So happy with those?

Very cool on the multiple choice. We should also get e.c. if we write our own captions.

GoBigGreen said...

You crack me up. I was gonna say you lost your pig tail holder:) or maybe you were hoping "DEAR GOD I HOPE MY BIKE IS SECURE IN THAT TRAINER." laugh yo not, my friend rode his bike into a wall. oops.

Jennifer Harrison said...

This was hilarious. Loved the pics and suffering! Grr..and loved that you could link the TP graph so I could read the download file...HHAA....(dork!)....:))

PS and you looked good, that (in the end) all that matters.

Mer! said...

LOVE it!!! My favorite is the color drainage...I noticed I lost color this a.m. in my spin class. Your facial expression is also classic "WTF?"..... =0

Way to hack it!

Eileen Swanson said...

Seriously, you are hard core! WOW!! Nice pics and no grey roots ;-))