Tuesday, January 26, 2010

New Toys-OCD packing-Florida or BUST!

I'm running out of ideas to entertain you all so I'll make this SHORT and SWEET so you can move
on to  much more riveting  blogs...
Check out my fueling supply.I am locked and loaded with First Endurance products. I will be completely honest as I test out each and every product as the season progresses.  This evening I am starting off with PreRace  before my spin class tonight then I will again try it out before The Ocala 1/2 marathon I will be trotting through on Sunday in (hopefully) sunny Florida.

Here's the OCD part: I prepacked on Sunday for a Friday departure to Florida: pink Trakkers visor, Garmin GPS for car travel,sunscreen, and  more importantly some CAN DO mental stimulus somewhere in that pile in that I can actually manage a 1/2 marathon at this point. I'm still WHINING about that damn 4.5 road race I did up in Belgrade Lakes with the mile long hills. eeks.  No hills in Florida, right??   :-)


Courtenay said...

ok, NOT that you necessarily need advice from me, but i'd save the pre-race for a morning spin workout!!! when i have used that stuff, it has left me WIRED for hours. not in a bad way per se (i've raced well with it and been very focused), but sleeping within 12 hours of taking it? not a chance. i know everyone reacts differently to different ingredients so maybe you'd be fine, just throwing it out there...
have fun!

goSonja said...

It seems like some cats have attacked your First Endurance loot! Better watch them!

Oh, and the prerace is like RedBull x10!! Be forewarned, you may actually end up running to Florida if you drink too much!

Have a great half Mary!!

LittleRachet said...

Do cats always hang out with your nutrition?? LOL

My FE goods arrived right as I was reading your post!

GetBackJoJo said...

Have fun! Yes, it's flat down there. Always, right?
I'm as OCD as you... I think it just might be a triathlete thing? Ya think?

Jennifer Harrison said...

GO GO GO this weekend. You know, Recovery socks (my coach Dave is there) will have a booth at the 1/2 marathon/marathon (Miami, right?)...stop by and SAY HI!!!!

I think I need a bit more OCD....errr, I am the OCD planner....not packer! LOL


Anonymous said...

Sister my lulu would HANG off of you!!!!!!!!! Kick ass girl!

Megan L. Killian said...

I got some First Endurance in the mail today too!! Pretty much the same stuff as you, plus EFS and minus the pills. I am testing my vitamin-taking capabilities with VitD and potassium first!

Good luck in your race!

Mer! said...

Oooh! you'll have to report on the FE stuff! I need to decide which products I want to try!!!

Have an AWESOME race in FL!!

Oh..and was the name of the Boston place w/scorpion bowls called "The Hong Kong?"..it's a chinese rest..we spent two New Years' there--brutal, brutal recovery =0

Go Kill it this weekend!