Tuesday, January 19, 2010


This will NOT be a political blog post but I'm pretty sure I know the country has one eye on the hellish carnage in Haiti and the other eye ball fixed on who will take the Massachusetts senate seat today. Am I right? You non Massachusetts residents will have to tell me if we've made the headlines in your town.

In other not so exciting news, I attempted a 4.5 mile road race this past weekend and if I could capture the experience in a screen print from my training peaks, I would, but I can't so here's a LINK if you really want to see where a heart rate should probably never go during an very early season TRAINING run.

Here are a few thoughts and lessons learned from this:

If my pace wasn't steady, my heart rate sure was. RED LINED even on the steep
down hill section. Hey, and I didn't even let it crash mid run. Kudos for me. (barf)

I am an idiot for signing up for a "training run" that had absolutely no flat sections except for the floor of the middle school girl's bathroom and the parking lot/finish line area where you actually STOP running.

I was trashed on Saturday after the race but was still in shock to really notice the amount.

I was trashed on Sunday (see above)

I was trashed on Monday (see above)

It's Tuesday and there is hope.


Jennifer Harrison said...

what senate seat race? HAHAHHAHA, the country is OBSESSED WITH IT!

You crack me about your training run/race. That'll teach ya, eh? Na, glad you enjoyed it!

goSonja said...

No TV in my house so I am pretty outa the loop on both. I do keep up a little via twitter. That HR graph is hilarious. I do these crazy snowshoe races here in Colorado that last 70 minutes and last time my avg HR was 181. I totally know what you mean. It's both funny and bad at the same time. Happy recuperating!

jessithompson said...

Way to lay it all out there... red line is surely barfy.