Monday, September 21, 2009

Surf and Turf

This weekend was another trip up to Maine for another go at that crazy littl' thing called triathlon.
Lobster Man OLY in Freeport Maine. I'll describe it in 3 words, hilly, windy and ch ch chilly. 46 degree air temps and 60ish degree water made for some excitement. Mz Mary Iron matron was there ready to do battle.(Mary...I'd post our pic but we are not looking super glamour kitty like so I nixed that. :-)
I'm thinking the course wasn't measured so accurately but a nice venue for a race.
The bike portion was so windy, I had a tough time staying aero.
The run: I figured just maybe... the shorter distance would feel oh-so-much better and I would instantaneous become supa fast but alas... I was not.
I did wear my HR monitor for the run to see if truly I was working hard enough and to be frank, I got my money's worth if just for the run. Here's the pattern: Swim like mad, bike like my next breath depended on it and run.. eh... try not to go into deep depression as I get picked off every mile while still trying to maintain some sort of illusion of actually running (fast). I know my run fitness will
someday return but does every hard effort have to be so bloody painful coupled with my snail pace? I keep reminding myself that yes, it's a fact that Rome was not built in a day and on a paper foundation to boot so next year... just you wait. That third cylinder will be FIRING.

A Saturday race left lots of time for LL Bean Freeport shopping and a taste of an
authentic Maine fair. The Frankin County Fair in Farmington Maine.

I LOVED the animals, can you tell!!!!


Jamie said...

I was hanging out in transition as the announcer was calling you in.

He yelled something like "And here comes the always colorful Elaine DeBitetto!"

Made me laugh. Very true. :-)

Keep things in perspective. The fitness will return. Work with what you've got until then.

Marit C-L said...

Yes yes - the fitness and speed WILL return! And for the record - I always feel the shorter efforts running are way way way MORE painful. BUT...a nice oly distance race sounds absolutely fantastic right about now! Lucky duck - and very cute animals!!

Pedergraham said...

Nice fair photos. Sounds like a good weekend in Maine---and your legs will come around real soon, I'm sure.

Jennifer Harrison said...

Glad you got out there and did Lobsterman! I had some there and it was COLD....the speed is soo rough isn't it? I am just glad you are back in the GAME!!!!! :)

kerrie said...

like others have said, YES, the fitness will return, it just takes some time so be gentle with yourself.(and fwiw, i would never describe running in a race as "pleasant" lol) i love all the pics from the fair! you need to get yourself some sheep!!

GetBackJoJo said...

oh! I love those sheep! And the cow-- he's very cute.
I'm sure YOU looked glamor kitty in that shot! I am no glam gal before a race, alas...Also, I'm sure I looked like a midget.
yes, the run fitness will come back.... I think it's great that you are back racing, even though you know it's not there yet!
Fun to see you... Love your Splish suit.