Saturday, September 26, 2009

Eliot Festival 5K fun!

It was weekend #3 for consistency and focused effort on re-programing the grey matter into Cheetah thinking and digging out those fast twitch muscles that have been dormant far too long.
It's been a humbling but very motivating 3 weeks of trying and make some progress in my fitness and what better way to do it then to sign up for a race? Certainly I'm not going to push myself as hard on my own as I would in a 5k road race, so back up to Maine I went for a local 5k in my sister's home town in Eliot.
I ran my very first Eliot Festial Day 5k race back in 1996 covering the distance in 19:09/ holding a 6:10 pace. Eeeeks, times have certainly changed and the fact is folks, the body is DECAYING!!!
2009- 2/27 F4549 24:49 8:00 Elaine Debitetto 46 F Newton MA
Although my Garmin said 24:44/7:56 pace which sounds a sliver better, and I think we should just go with that, ok?

This year, my 17 nephew (NON RUNNER) decided to join me.
I was very excited to
run with him. Next year he will be off to college and running with his aunt certainly won't be on the agenda so I took it all in and really enjoyed this.
Here I am giving him tips on how to destroy me.

And as predicted,he dusted me. I was very proud of him. We started the race together but by the 2k mark, he found another gear(or two) and left me as if i was standing still. Simply put, he is talented,smart,damn good looking AND a natural athlete! Pic to prove it.

Andrew Post race

Up next: A 10 miler next weekend in Harvard MA. One of these days I just know I'll
find some snappy legs to trade in!


Bad Brad said...

in the first picture did you just drop trow?

Trigirlpink said...

Nice Brad! I have a SKIRT on! How 'bout those scary knees though. eeeks!