Thursday, September 3, 2009

Is Anybody Out There?

Time for an update if only to hear myself blab.
Today was my first day back to reality. Work, regular training and the likes. It feels good to be home but enjoyed my trip to Pentiction right after Timberman. What a whirlwind. I packed, unpacked and repacked for Canada having one day in between the two. Lucky for me, Ironman Canada only held spectating duties, so the pressure was non existent.

My crazy-little-thing-called Aquabike went reasonably well. I swam as hard as my body would allow without burning too many matches and the same goes for the bike. It was HOT and I was secretly happy I didn't have to complete a death march of a run after racking my bike.
I did however, stand around in transition for a few moments waving good bye to my age group
counterparts who drifted in and out of transition while I, wearing a long face then shuffled into the lake and had a mini pity party out there for myself. I left that lame-o party floating in the waters of Lake Winnipesaukee on exiting and headed for some Jordan's ice cream over in the food tent. I think I won some syrup to boot but there was a mix up and my name wasn't called for the nicely etched amber goodness. It was nice to "clean out the jets" and start the season as odd as it was.
Off to Penticton I went armed and ready to relax and help out my teammates and housemates
the best I could. The climate itself took me for a giant loop. Arid and 90 degrees I was not expecting nor would I be prepared for the beauty of the mountains and the crystal clarity
of Lake Okanagan and the abundance of fruit and local wineries. Just breathtaking especially from the quieter area we stayed in called Peachland.
The day after my 15 hour travel day from Boston, I decided to do hill repeats up this gnarly
2+ minute hill. Not the smartest move but hey, when I see
a nice big hill my instinct is to assess, plan and attack. Unfortunately the hill won the battle and I was hobbling for the next 3 days. Can you say Tiger Balm???

Up next: some pictures and observations from the eyes of a sidelined triathlete in British Columbia. I just know your sitting on the edge of your seat, so stay tuned.


Jennifer Harrison said...

I am here! GLAD you are blogging, Tri Girl PINKY! Nice work at your Aquabike....I know, I know! :)

Mary Eggers said...

Way to go sistah! And I can not wait to see you next weekend! RACE FOR FLOWERS!

Marit C-L said...

The GOOD thing about the aquabike at that there's still plenty of ice cream left when you get into the tent. The year that I did it - they were out! :(

Can't wait to see pictures!! Sounds like it was beautiful AND you had fun up in Pencticton (spelling?) Yea!

How's orca kitty?

GetBackJoJo said...

Oh! Good to hear from you! Glad the aquabike went well... and you enjoyed the ice cream instead of having the extended pity party in the lake. :)
Did you sign up for Canada? or did you really just go out there to support friends? I would lurv to go there...
maybe to race. maybe to just see it.

GoBigGreen said...

I am here, too! Love seeing the pics of Canada:) Good job on the Aquabike. I have some MN friends that want one we are hopeful! ( but we want you doing TRI so dont worry we wont be offended if you dont come...haha)