Monday, September 7, 2009

Just a few Canada photos

Some of you have already seen these but those who didn't.....

My car mates during the bike portion. Pictured here: Jonnyo, Khai, Paulo and Matt
I actually asked someone to get down from a park bench for 30 seconds so I could jump
up in their spot and get a shot of the swim start. The look on their face? " You've got balls, girl"

Me at one of the many fruit stands that dotted the roads through Peachland, Summerland, Penticton and Oliver

Lucky for me, I had a front row view of the Pro bike segment leap frogging the entire (open to traffic) bike course watching the action unfold. Sure beats standing around transition for 5 hours .Here is Paulo Sousa watching Belinda Granger as she comes by. Must mention she is one
of the nicest professional triathletes around.

This is lake Oakanagan from the town we were staying in, Peachland. Just beautiful.

Yellow Lake portion of the bike waiting for the pros to come through. Pictured here: Professional triathlete Johnathan Carlson who lives in Pentiction, Smart ass coach, Paulo Sousa, and me.

Goofy me Chillaxing in the lake

Another lake shot. The water was so clear!

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