Monday, August 10, 2009

Whine Free Zone

It's August

and I have done { insert dead air space } this many races so far! Not my choice mind you. Instead of (continuing) to whine about all my misfortune, the races I've missed and the fitness not being where I might like it, I simply remind myself that for one, this is a hobby and not life altering. I can't deny the health benefits that come from consistent daily training but more importantly it clears my mind, adjusts my outlook and tolerances of daily life and it just plain feels good to see what I've accomplished at the end of a week/month. The second (more important) reason is that I am not holding up my end of the bargain of racing for Margaret as I had promised to do for 2009. So with that,I'm (desperately) trying to pull it together with whatever I've got along with what is left of this rapidly dissipating season.

Unfortunately Timberman 70.3 will be yet another race shelved due to the severe lack of run fitness I've lost trying to recover from a treadmill mishap. So instead of wussing out completely, I will do the Aquabike. Oooooooooooooo. I know! exciting, huh? Now I have never done an aquabike nor a triathlon for that matter in which I have not completed the run segment in all the years I have been competing in triathlon (since 98!) That alone I should be grateful and truly, I am. But I have to say, my head is not in it at the moment and I have approximately 2 weeks to get my head in the right place and my attitude firmly adjusted.

1. I will smile as I pick up my race packet and rack my bike in the sectioned area of
woe is me, I can't run-Aquabikes.

2. I will not look over at the cool kids racking their bikes in the S/B/AND RUN section and

pout that I'm not over there chit chatting about how many races I've done this season and
my goals for the day.

3. I will swim (and smile) and bike ( and smile)

4. I will not cry after racking my bike and continue to pout (see #2) while watching the cool kids
rack there bikes and head out for 13.1 miles of treats and cold drinks handed out by men
dressed in prom dresses and sprinklers set up to play under while people clap for you
and say odd things like " YOU LOOK GRRRREAT" "ALMOST THERRRRRE!"

5. I will leave the race with a feeling I accomplished something and use it as a springboard
for the remainder of the season. (I hope)


Mary Eggers said...

it will come sister, it will come! Will I see you at pumpkinman?

Rebecca DeWire said...

Sorry to hear about the no running. That stinks, but your whine free rules for the day is a good idea. I imagine that it will be really hard to roll into T2 and then be done.

swimfan said...

Aquabike is GAY! Go volunteer instead!

GoBigGreen said...

I Am sure you will kick butt no matter what and then you could go and taunt the runners at mile 3 "Almost there...all downhill..." but you dont want to do that either:) Or maybe you do...he he he.

Hang in there. Margaret knows you are doing what you can.

AJ said...

swim and bike your freaking ass off!
see ya there!

kerrie said...

my friend brandy who i train with is in the same situation this season so she has made it her goal to push her bike to a whole other level...this past weekend at 5430, she tried to make herself puke by biking so hard(i mean, that's a goal, isn't it?)! anyways, it's a different focus so you need a new set of goals to go along with it! you will crush it and smile while doing so!!! (and a little throw up in the mouth never hurt anyone...)

Jennifer Harrison said...

TGP: Ok, you PR in that swim and you PR on that bike and absolutely destroy yourself so you couldn't run even IF you could!!! AND finish with a smile - good goal too! SORRY for all the friggin mishaps, but I am glad you are making lemonade out of lemons! :))

Teenage Tri Queen said...

Pshh who needs running! Just swim and bike your tail off, and have fun while you are at it

GetBackJoJo said...

Oh man, the aquabike. I give you major kudos. It's AWESOME that you're going and racing, though. AWESOME. It will be hard to watch the cool kids--but you are the coolest kid--just on a little hiatus. Right?

I hope you're back to running very soon.

Mer! said...

Hi TGP!!! Thanks for stopping by my blog =0 hehe, i've been such a slacker!!

Ohhhh, I am WAY behind on blog reading---just wanted to say a "grrr" for not being able to run, it is not easy being injured, more importantly it's not easy being PATIENT while you recover, ugh, that has to be hard....but you are right-focusing on the things you can do make it a little easier, I know, not the same...but what can you do?

I say kill it in the Aquabike, who knows a podium finish in Aquabike just might make you smile =0

Kellye Mills said...

I feel your pain! The ONE race I've done this season, my friend couldn't run and she did the aqua-bike. The entire time I was running, I kept thinking, "dang! She's lucky!" So no worries... All the runners will be envying you on that day! :)