Wednesday, April 9, 2008


The sun is shining, yay.The flowers are out,double yay, and what could be better than having an entire week off from your job to do what you want? Yay x3.

The original plan was to go out to AZ this week and get some time in the saddle in Tuscon, then head over to Tempe and watch a friend who lives in Chicago participate in his first Ironman. Things didn't pan out with Mr TGP's work schedule and my friend Ali seems to want to go by himself and conquer IM without any fanfare so home I am. It's all working out very nicely though. My new coaching has started just this week and it's great having the time to absorb everything and get into a good routine.
Because I'm playing pro-triathlete this week with this being my only *job*, Jen is working me hard and I love it. I just have to get through this one really tough week and I get a rest week. So far so good. Today is a rest day, but I had the dreaded swim test some of you know about plus a run and an ez bike scheduled. One down, 2 to go which will begin shortly after my Tassismo espresso kicks in and the grogginess leaves me from my power nap I just took. ahhhh. Life is guuuuud.
Yesterday I got out on my tribike for the first time this season. Time to get down and dirty. I did a three hour ride with 3x 10K at LT wattage (ouch)after an hour warm up. It was great getting in my aerobars and big chain ring and firing away at them. The run following this was not so pretty but I was prepared for that not doing any running off the bike since last August.

Minutes into my last 10k interval, I noticed my Team Psycho colors coming toward me
on the opposite side of the road and I thought who the heck is that in the middle of a work day? Of course I had to abort my interval (sorry Jen, that's the blip in my Power Tap file) to stop and chat with teammate, KS All you ladies heading to St. Croix, she'll be there too. She's battling back from the flu and a sinus infection
plus laryngitis but you watch, she'll surprise everyone and pull it all together come race day. I swear, she has a hidden switch that she just flips to ON and
her body just knows what to do and gets it done come race day.

Anyway.. I hope you are all having a great week too and I wish you warm temperatures, blue sky and good training!


Bad Brad said...

I think I know exactly where that road is...

Pedergraham said...

Yay! My mom called from MA the other day and said, "What the heck is going on? It is snowing here, and you are having sun and 60 in VT!" I am glad that I managed to huff and puff and blow the weather southward just in time for your big training week!
Good luck with your swim test.

kerrie said...

woo hoo! your very own spring break training camp...with good weather, can it get any better than that? we are, once again, in the middle of a winter storm warning, in april!!!!!
way to get it in and do all that good stuff like running off the bike - i don't even know if i have a LT anymore.

oh yeah, thanks for noticing the happy bunny, lol...i had missed that and whatever other crap i have on my fridge.

Mel said...

You are workin it sista...make me feel like a real slacker :0) Enjoy your spring break and work it like a pro!!!!! WORK HER HARD JEN:)