Thursday, April 10, 2008

Elaine and Jen's Epic Hilly Adventure

Meet my friend and riding buddy Jen

Here we are at her wedding all cleaned up and partying hard.

Here we are about to challenge gravity and climb some hills today per order of
my coach.

So off we went in 70 degree temps and blue sky.

No toe warmers, no jacket, no heavy gloves and no frigid hands and toes....
Thank you God.

So climbing we sought.

Up to Wachusett Mountain where snow is still on the slopes

The actual summit climb was closed due to snow on the roads. Boo Hoo

But we had a great day. Climbing,chatting,comparing notes and racing schedules and filling in each
other on the latest dirt.

A perfect combination to take the edge off the grinding.. up up up.


BreeWee said...

So much fun! NOTHING like a hill and a good friend in the same ride! I so wish you and Jen could have come rode with us on our hills! Have a good weekend!

Pedergraham said...

Yippee for a great day outside. Hope that your week of training is turning out well.

Mel said...

Beautiful photo(Wedding).... That is great that you have a friend that can suffer through Jen's workouts with you :) I am still jealous that you are riding outside :(

kerrie said...

where did you find the sunshine? send some this way!!!! you and your friend jen look like you could be sisters. all that saddle time is going to pay off big time. i'm just hoping for some decent weather this weekend, without crazy wind so that i can get out and trying ride on my aerobars without doing the holy sh*t, i'm gonna get blown off the rode grip.

GCDavid said...

Home all day with the girls if you want to see how to use your Garmin.

reeegan said...

Looks like the snow is at least melting quick. Last week there was still snow up to the gate.

Time to go figure out how to work my new Garmin...they are sweet.

Eileen Swanson said...

LOVE your pics. You look awesome!


Kellye Mills said...

Oh that sounds so nice!! I'm glad you had a great ride!

Cy said...

So much fun. Nothing better than those early season rides with your buddies-Nice pics!!