Monday, April 7, 2008

By The Numbers Ride

percentage of possible forecasted rain for Boston and surrounding cities
Sunday, April 6th 2008

Number of times I dropped the F bomb during the ride

number of times I removed my clear glasses so I could see in the drizzle

ride time in which I had to switch the crappy gloves I had on with
Mr. TGP's to try and warm up my hands

hours my hands and feet stayed warm

average speed on a cross bike with knobby size 35 tires on the road

number of comments from a speeding car "viva la france" while grinding
up a hill

total of other noted cyclists out enjoying the day

total times I had to expose my ass in the 40 degree temps in drizzle to pee
in the woods

minutes added on after dropping off Mr. TGP at home to continue the suffering

total minutes spent gaining mental toughness


Kellye Mills said...

Holy Cow!! 5 HOUR rain ride!! Your mental toughness must be hard as a rock by now! I hope you recovered well!

Trigirlpink said...

well, to be honest, it did not rain the entire time and when it did, it was drizzle.

grazing today... pretzels, carrots..nuts.. my brain is the only real thing that needs recovery!

kerrie said...

that kind of riding will make you tuff as nails! it is all about building the wattage cottage;). i figure that learning to pee with 40mph winds is a skill that might come in handy someday...

Mel said...

Too funny...That is great that you were able to squat to pee...My legs would have been TIGHT and fall over is what I would have done :)
AWESOME 5 hours ouch!!!!!

Eileen Swanson said...

You are awesome....Great job on that epic ride ;-) WOOHOO!


Bad Brad said...

I pee in the woods too.

I can also pee while riding... try that next time!

Marit C-L said...

Way to HTFU! Hooray!

Actually - good thing that you didn't pee on the bike. It feels warm at first - then it gets cold. And icky. Good skill to have - but don't practice it all the time.

Nice job on the ride!

Brooke Myers said...

Crazy crazy, but I like the amount of mental toughness you gained through it all....
Nicely done!