Thursday, February 21, 2008

"I have no idea."

I replied to my husband as he was glancing over my shoulder while I was making this Splish suit. "OH MY GOD! It's That Girl!" He was shaking his head wondering how I come up with these designs for suits. "I dunno. It just pops in my head."

BIG shout out to Mel for helping me with my Splishie Girl's hair. I knew you could help me figure out what to do! Yeah! So sweet of you and certainly unexpected of you to help me so quickly. Thanks so much. Melissa is THE BEST in creating suits at Splish. Her ideas are always creative and cute.When I see she has made something new, I have to try and get my creative juices flowing!
BTW: The box is opened and the THING is put together. Pictures coming of it later!
Oh.. and Bree..regarding the candy thing goin' on in my header picture; blame it on my mother for denying me candy as a child. My header picture changes often but the theme is always CANDY! :-)


kerrie said...

that is really funny! i would love to see your swimsuit drawer...i really want the wonderwoman suit that i saw that somebody has designed cause i think i would look awesome in it. i love the candy thing - my mom never gave me any as a child either(or any pop for that matter, let alone diet coke) but i am making up for it big time now.

Anonymous said...

Cute suit!

Just wanted to drop a note to wish you luck for your swim challenge tomorrow! I did the same set Monday (albeit with slower send off times) and it was a blast! It makes the 40 repeats go by really fast! Have fun!

BreeWee said...

I LOVE that suit! I just LOVE it... yeah, Mel is so good with the suits! My hubby makes so much fun of me for making a bajillion suit designs too- it is so addicting!
I love the candy theme, so creative! I will have to email you a photo of some local candies one day so you can mix that in too! It's pretty unique, no other blog is as candy-ful as yours! Hey, good luck on your swim challenge!

Eileen Swanson said...

So cute, love it. Love all of your suits and of course Mel's too. Oh and one of Bree's. HAHAHA! JK Wee...

Have an awesome swim challenge...


Mel said...

Ahhhhhh thank you!!! Anytime.....I love to create!! The Splish suits are so addicting and so much fun!! Your suits are GREAT too!!!

Have a good night!!!
Tell us what is in the box :)