Friday, February 22, 2008

TGP's Swim Challenge Complete!

First off, thank you Danielle for organizing this and the other awesome chickas for helping me with a set (Jen) and the rest of you bad ass's for cheering me on!

Up at 4:50am and off to masters at MIT for a 6:30ish start.

Here's the scoop

Elaine's set:

40 x 100s:
1st 10: 4@1:35, 3@1:30, 2@1:25, 1@1:20
2nd 10: 1@1:35, 4@1:30, 3@1:25, 2@1:20
3rd 10: 2@1:35, 1@1:30, 4@1:25, 3@1:20
4th 10: 3@1:35, 2@1:30, 1@1:25, 4@1:20 (OUCH)

4000 for a main set? Yikes, I was worried but you gals that completed this set were right. It went by pretty darn quick. I shot out an email to a lane mate yesterday that I'd be at Masters to swim but was planning on doing this set on my own. Bing!
Jason was on board within minutes! Yah! I don't have to swim this ALONE and someone else will be paying attention and keeping me honest!
When I got there this morning, I chatted a bit with Coach Bill about what I was to do and wanted to get some feedback on the send offs. " This is good, really good. We need to start doing longer stuff like this. Pay attention to those last 4 100's on 1:20. Don't blow up so you can't get these in on the right send off time." Oh geeze.. I was a bit worried.
Before jumping in for a warmup, I saw Rachel, another lane mate and showed her the set thinking she might want to do this. Rachel is fast! She's one of those swimmers who you can watch her free style technique for days.. it's very pretty and fluid. While I was doing an ez 200, I saw Rachel jump in our lane too! Ok.. that's 3! We had one more but they dropped out of the set by the 3rd one. ( the old leg cramp excuse);-)

Smoooooth like butta. We spaced our selves out and no one bailed, (of the three of us)went out too hard, or ended up on anyone's feet.

The last 4/100's were a bit tough but I got in around 1:18 so I could at least pop up for air, glance at the clock and take off again.

It was AWESOME to leave the pool today with a 4400 total under my belt and I wasn't even that tired from it!

Pix below.

MIT Master's coach, Bill Paine and Jason checking out the set.

Jason and I before the w/up. Jason is a hoot. Always in a good mood,never complains ( I make up for it) and can hold his own considering he's 50 and his wife just had twins. Egads!

The 40x100 Mod Squad:
Rachel,Jason and me! Does Jason look smug that he's sandwiched by 2 chicks or is it just me? Ha!

Bonus pic: My "Guess-what's-in-the-box" A hyper extention bench for your back!


Anonymous said...

YEAH!!! Hey, it is Jen H...I found your blog! Yipppee skippy....I was in no man's land...but, I found you. Ha ha...GRREEEAT job on your Challenge set. You did awesome! I LOVE your flower suit from SPLISH...I need one now. and, the pics are fun and lanemates!!! Way to hammer thru the workout! I am glad the intervals i gave you worked out soo well!! Excellent! Jen H. :)

Trigirlpink said...

Thanks Jen! Yup, great set! Splish Suit design credits go to Melissa, Queen Splish designer!

kerrie said...

i love the suit too! who cares what you do in it as long as you look good....had i been there in that suit, i may have never entered the water and just paraded around on deck(maybe that is why everyone swims so much faster thn me). good job though on getting it done so early in the morning, wow!!

Mel said...

OH...that suit looks so good on you...I LOVE, LOVE it!!! I believe that was my second suit I created!!

Good job on your swim challenge....and I bet it was so nice to have lane mates to help you through the challenge :)

Anonymous said...

Great job on your swim challenge! It helps to have some lane mates pushing you the Splish suit! Love it!

Pedergraham said...

I'm so glad that the challenge worked out well--and super bonus that you had company!

MIT's pool looks awesome. Suit does too!

Have a great weekend.

BreeWee said...

Oh I am so jealous you had lane mates for the swim challenge! Way to go super star!! I love that suit and the photos too!
Way to go on your swim... Hope your season continues to have loads of good training and even better races! Hey, what races are you doing? Hawaii 70.3 or Ironman...?

GCDavid said...

Wow, you're fast.

And your suit is so CUUUTTEEE!!!!!

I swear your comments page is "The View" of triathletes. Yeesh.

Eileen Swanson said...

LOVE your Splish suit! Congrats on your swim....WOOHOO! Keep all the greatness going...