Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Looking Back

2007 will just be a distant memory soon. (Sigh) Hard to believe another year has come and gone. I thought I'd post a synopsis of my 2007 season. I'll try and be brief. Feel free to hit that little blue arrow up top on the left hand corner of your screen, or that red X opposite the little blue arrow when your eyes start to glaze over with boredom. I am so very fortunate to have had a fun, injury free year.
I don't take this for granted and I'm thankful every day that I can participate in sports. Special thanks to my husband who daily, has to put up with my whining and unrealistic obsessive compulsiveness that daily life should be perfect, every hour accounted for, and always wanting to be one step ahead. Also my coach Josef Brandauer, for helping me meet my goals and also having to endure some of my whining.

January 2006
One Hour Swim - 4345yrds
(This is one of the most mentally painful swims you can do in a pool. The first 30minutes of this is pure torture. It takes FOREVER to get there but then the last 10 minutes fly as you are trying to get in that last bit of yardage)

2007 New England Masters SCY Championships 1650 Free 1st (40-44) 21:40.26
(This meet always makes me nervous. The highlight was having my sister there and having the final lap bell ringing over my lane during my heat!)
Wrenthem Duathlon
2nd (40-44) 1:09:33 (1st in our age group: 1:09:32 I was a fire breathing dragon singeing the hair on the back of her neck!)

Florida 70.3 Triathlon 5:07 5th (40-44) ( This race is no walk in the park coming from cool weather New England. The run is like an Xterra trail run on sandy open fields in the heat of the day with about 5% on pavement. Fun fun! Note to self: NEVER EVER wear racing flats with no socks in sandy trails with wet feet. My arches are permanently scarred from the deep blisters with that dumb ass move)

Mooseman International Triathlon
9th woman overall 2nd (40-44) (Any race my friend Keith Jordan is behind is top notch) Endorfuns race management rules period.

Great Harvard 5 Mile Road Race 6th overall 3rd (40-44) 34:56
(Oh.. the hills)
Old Colony YMCA Triathlon 1st overall 2:20:21
(All the fast girls stayed home?)
Nautica NYC Triathlon
2nd (40-44) 2:20:54 ( I loved this race! Free entry thank you Accelerade! How many can say they swam in the Hudson River and didn't run into any dead bodies or biked on the West Side Highway?)

Timberman 70.3 Triathlon 5:09 2nd(40-44)
(Keith.. I love you. Need I say more?)
Cranberry Country Triathlon 5th overall 1st(40-44)
( Always a race I like coming off of Timberpaloosa fitness)

Laborious Labor Day Ten Miler (Good god, Why? Why do I have to pick these courses riddled with bloody mile long hills?)
3rd rubber legged woman 1:10:35

CROSS SEASON!!! September-December( every race a learning experience)

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