Thursday, December 20, 2007

It's A Marshmallow World

It's only December and we are just on the cusp of the first day of winter yet we've already passed the mark for the entire accumulated snow fall of last season here in Boston.
Plainly put: We are getting BLASTED. The commute has been a bear, and lets not even talk about trying to run outside in this. The sidewalks are an ice tundra now covered with just enough snow so you can't tell where the whip-u-on-your butt-ice patches are. Oh well, if you can't beat it, might as well join in for some winter time fun. Shoot, it's only here for 3 more months!


sarah said...

Great pic! That snow does look like fun. We have icy, hard stuff on the ground in RI, so it's hard to do much with's not good to already be feeling a bit of cabin fever this early in the winter!

CCC said...

Happy Holidays to you!!!