Monday, March 11, 2013

Dear Diary.....

February  4th 2013
Dear Diary
It's the first day back in the pool after a 5 month hiatus.  For months, I've been dragged my feet with my head down murmuring  incessantly  about my restrictions from swimming due to possibly tearing the cadaver graft in my knee and then when I'm finally granted the green light, my  attitude has eroded to:"why bother at this point?"  Yeesh.... I know.. I'm such a knuckle head, don't remind me.
The good news is, my determination is slowly coming 'round if ever so slowly and it's outweighing  the self pity of being completely out of shape and sporting belly lard.
 I dug out my  black * make-me-feel-less-fatter-looking-than- i-really-am* suit, sucked in my gut and headed out to the pool deck this morning.   My goggle straps were dried out and broke in 3 places before I even got in the water.  Ditto on the swim cap,deteriorated  from sitting for so long neglected. My  morning swim mates and coach's greetings of welcome back outweighed the rocky start and by the end of my first practice with 2 of my favorite lane mates,  I was feeling right at home.  I've started back on the bike too taking spin classes at a local gym, using my Computrainer  and even started venturing outside on 2 wheels. Something I haven't done since August 18 when I tore up my knee. Yippee!

March 4th 2013

Dear Diary
Guess What??? Me and my belly fat made it to the 5 week mark in the tank with no setbacks and I'm feeling a bit stronger every week now.  I'm far from barracuda- like, but I'm DEFINITELY minnow status now.  Today I even stayed for the entire set on Distance Day and got in 600 yards of extra credit before practice. Count it diary: 4100 yards. It's like old times right???  I've ridden outside with my Hup United crew twice now and I've even started run/ walking on the treadmill. It's no lie I feel like a gorilla lumbering away on there, huffing and puffing after 3 minutes of something that is supposed to resemble  running but heck,  the girl has gotta start somewhere, right?

March 8th
Dear Diary
 It goes without saying, there have certainly have been some rough patches over the past few weeks but like with everything, if you first possess the desire, sprinkle in some patience,  add a measure of consistency the rewards will come. One thing that is annoying me though is the awol of my metabolism.  It just up and left without any warning. How rude.  I'm still lugging around more than I want yet working out 9+ hours a week now.  Where's my reward for that Diary, Huh??  I'm miffed to say the least. Ok, so it goes without saying, I should just have a Luna Bar minus smearing the 2 tablespoons of peanut butter on TOP of the Luna Bar before consuming.

My belly touches my thighs when I'm in my aero bars. Not good Diary...not good at all.

March 11th

Happy Daylight Saving Time Diary.

 I need toothpicks to hold my eyes open today.  I got up at 4:50 to make it into town to swim but really, it was 3:50 AM. This one hour time change debacle kills me every year.  UGH.   Just brutal.  My kidneys are swimming in caffeinated Green Tea today trying to fight the urge to go curl up in the waiting room carpet here at work for a nap.
It's week 6 back at the pool  today and get this diary,  4400 yards!!  Perhaps that is why I want to go lay down? Today was a break through swim.  I fell strong and in control of the set for the first time in a very long time.

This weekend while at a 50th birthday party, drinking margaritas and stuffing in birthday cake, my friend Steve sent this image to me after chatting about  Ironman Lake Placid across the table. We both course bike marshaled for Ironman in 2011 and he had this Skinny B*tch resembling none other than me on his phone.  Oh Boy...  talk about a wake up call .These Lucky Brand Jeans are hidden in the bowels of my closet screaming at me to PUT DOWN THE FORK!!

I'm working on it diary... I'm working on it.

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Jennifer Harrison said...

your best blog ever.
Crack me up! Loved it. Welcome back from the dark side!