Tuesday, July 19, 2011

My First Triathlon for 2011 Mass. State Triathlon, Winchendon, MA, July 17, 2011

I got to race. I can't tell you enough how happy I was just to be out there. A bit foreign at best.  I must
have read through the athlete race packet 4 times as if  it was my very first race.

Chip on the left ankle
Rear wheel goes in the rack
Towel on the right of your bike
buoys stay on your left
bike out here,  run out there,


I shoehorned my former BTT teammate, Juli Davenport out of retirement to race with me . Juli is an accomplished athlete, Kona qualifier who has and can mow down the best of them but she like me has suffered through  injuries and had serious knee surgery and still recovering. Together we raced and it was really nice to have someone who in (July) was just starting the season.

We giggled at all the pre-race hype with all the fit athletes milling around with game faces while we sported the "oh gosh.... this is gonna hurt" look on our own.

All went well though and Max Performance/ Tim Richmond ,RD did a very nice job with this sold out OLY/Sprint race out in Western MA.  Juli and I were smart and chose the Sprint as come back queens.

The highlight of the race?  Pink caps for our wave.  First time in 13 years of racing TRIGIRLPINK gets
a pink race cap. What's up with that???

Juli and I post race with her son Elan! Thanks Mat (her husband) for being spectator, baby watcher, cheering for the old ladies!

We swam (cough gag) we pedaled ( burn thighs.. burn) we ran (where is the puke bucket) we finished!
How did we do?  Just fine. Thankyouverymuch.  Results here if you care. We don't. Just happy to be back in the sport we love!

 See ya out there!!


Born To Endure said...

Awww very cool..so glad you could get out there, I guess I can do my very first in August too. :)

Beth said...

Yeah for racing!! :-) The pink cap aS a good omen for sure!!

Jennifer Harrison said...

SO glad you raced, i love it!!!!!!!!!! And, the pink cap is fate. this post made me smile!

kT said...

Wow--you kind of crushed the swim! But did you see the name of the guy who won the sprint? How hilarious is that?

Anonymous said...

Nice work! Way to race and make it happen. Keep it up and keep smiling.

Lucas Kain said...

I'm sure you can do better and WILL do better than that next time! Good luck!

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