Wednesday, July 6, 2011

It's COMING! The Nubble Light 2.4 Mile Swim

 Me swimming?? through "the gut" Nubble Light 2.4 mile swim 2010

This post is not going to be all about a silly little swim that ended me flat on my back last year in an ambulance that was transformed into a heat blasting mini dry sauna for me.  No sirree.

I will only talk about this briefly in a more positive, attainable 2011 goal fashion.

Here we go.

1.  I will show up this year on race morning fully loaded with respect for the gnarly Maine ocean and will not skip around on the beach giggling and buzzing like a social moth sporting a sleeveless wetsuit and one lame swim cap, dehydrated and clueless.

2. I will hydrate properly starting 36 hours prior to the start along with a sufficient carbo loading intake 18 hours before intended ocean adventure.
Fort Foster, Kittery Maine "Practice" swim, July 3th with  Andrew my 19 year old nephew

Last year.. me!
3.  I shall navigate the course with purpose, a clear mind and objective and will not swim in a  inefficient haphazard endless circle with frozen bare arms to which  I couldn't tell if said arms were actually  above or below the water  40 minutes into the swim  while spending a total of 1:30 minutes floundering around in the surf as my blood began to resemble Slush Puppy consistency.

4. I will not waste an ounce of energy thinking about sharks eating me. The potential for 48 degree water will knock the shark snapping worries right out of my head.

5.  I will have come prepared doing a total of 3 cold water swims without a wetsuit to acclimate my frame to the Maine coastal waters. My last polar like dip being at a state park in Maine over the 4th of July weekend where people (freakier than I) were picnicking in the rain with FREE entertainment watching the crazy girl in the icy water  while they munched on hot dogs and Doritos.
Planning my practice swim 

6.  I will not miss the post race bbq as I did last year by spending the afternoon de-icing and shuffling back home with my tail between my legs moping and grumbling that Mother Nature drop kicked me and spit me out of the ocean laughing  and yelling  "DON'T COME BACK!"

Screw you lady. I'm back and I'm coming back to do this the way I should have done it.

So I lied. This post was all about a silly ocean swim in the waters of Maine on a hot day in July 2010 and how I shall (try) and redeem myself on another hot July day 2011.

Kiss this Mother Nature... I'm BACK.
Here's to 60 + degree water  and a happy fun swim for all the 2011 Nubble Light Swimmers.
Shark free of course...


Jamie said...

You've got this Elaine.

Hoping for a much happier Nubble Light race report this time around.

cheryl said...

Now that's an open water swim! go kick its ass.

Beth said...

Oh my...that swim looks and sounds sooooo gnarly!!!! I have no doubt you will be vindicated this year!!!!! Best of luck - kick some cold water butt!!!! :)

GoBigGreen said...

Yay YOU! Yes you are back and i wish i could get you out to Lake Superior where we met heat and high 80's and then sub 50 deg water. I sure didnt swim it was more of a plunge!