Monday, June 6, 2011

A Note from Jennifer Abshire aka-Mrs Newton Running

Hi Elaine,

Nice to hear from you.  Happy summer.  It is finally hot here.  It was a rainy spring!
Your shoe wear looks perfect.    There is hardly any wear and the bit that I see is perfectly normal.  You are ready for the performance line full time I would have to say. 
So keep up the good form. I am glad to hear that you are staying injury free. You are a good testimony to listening to your body, taking the right measures to get your biomechanics figured out and starting slowly with your new form.  Way to go!

Keep in touch and for sure keep up the good form.


I decided it was time to take a few photos of the soles of my Newton Lady Isacc's trainers that I've been wearing since February 20th (video on this blog to prove it) in order to get some feedback from The Newton Running Lab in regards to the wear pattern I've created in my modest yet determined attempt to become a more efficient runner  which one can only hope will keep me on the road to injury free status. So far so good.

 As you can see from above, I got a passing grade and there is hope for me. I'm certainly no longer a heel striker and each and every run, I'm continuing to pay attention to all aspects of my form in relation to my arm carriage, my hip, shoulder/upper body lean and my foot turnover.  I am officially and consistently a 90 per minute foot striker now, previously 84-85.
I've run 2 5k's (one sandwiched between a double century ride) and both were PAINFUL  reminders of just how out of run shape I truly am.  I did not become an injured "jogger" overnight and I'm well aware that it will take  many months to gain back a quarter of the fitness, confidence,  maybe some speed and perhaps the feeling that I am controlling the pace, the pace isn't controlling me.

I am fine with that. However long it takes.

In the mean time, I am enjoying my Newton Running Shoes. I wear them exclusively now. They are comfortable,  very well made and if you run in them "correctly" they will last as long as any other pair of running shoes. My fresh new form, the patience to take the time to break them in and more importantly, my determination to get my "jogging status" a thing of the past is work in progress and I'm taking the "crappy run days" (far too many) with the "I think i can do this" days ( far too less) and taking it one 90 cadence-step-at-a-time.


Jennifer Harrison said...

I just really like all the fun and pretty Newton colors, E! Have fun w/ them and glad you are feeling good again in the run!! I am still in my lovely Adidas shoes I have never changed in 10000 years. LOL

Anonymous said...

YEA for such great progress!!! So happy for you and no one deserves it more :)

kerrie said...

i am so impressed with your patience and the fact that you have found something that works for you!!! YAY! I am looking forward to seeing some solid race results from you soon :)

Jamie said...

Woohoo! This post Keep at iy Elaine.